Viperfish Research Paper

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The ocean is a giant body of water that is home to all types of fish. The ocean provides a rich environment for a plethora of animals from the tiniest of fish to the enormous whale. In the ocean, these creatures live and explore. Some of them must hunt other fish in order to survive, which means that others must try to avoid predators. Nature has provided all of these animals with a unique capability to survive. The ocean abounds with interesting animals of all shapes and sizes that have their unique appearances and habitats at different depths of the sea. The viperfish is a type of fish that lives at nine thousand feet under water and it is extremely dark down there. At this depth, the faint light that is visible down there helps the viperfish to blend in to hide from predators because they have photophers, little organs that produce light down the side of it, which makes them look invisible to predators. They also have a little lure like object that is over their head that attracts fish by blinking a light. When prey is near it, the viperfish can rotate his head and snatch the prey and eat it. It has extremely long teeth so that it can tear into its prey. Its teeth are so long that they do not fit in the its mouth. …show more content…

They both have photophers that make them blend in with the faint light they get down in the deep water. The hatchetfish has tubular shaped eyes that are pointed downward to see prey that is below them while they are using the photophers. It can adjust its eye to where it can see extremely far away or close up. This type of fish lives between six hundred feet and four thousand five hundred feet under water. They are around three inches and feed on tiny crustaceans and animal plankton. If it is not careful it can easily be eaten by a predator because of how small it

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