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  • Life On Earth Is Destroying The Earth

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    As the earths population is increasing day by day because of this the amount of human resources being used has come to an extent where it would be over anytime. Humans have harmed earth plenty number of times. As people think that the earth is getting damaged by the human activity which is true as the amount of pollution we generate are destroying the heritage area, forests, sea and many more. To define this there could be many reasons to do so as the amount of people caring for the have become

  • Earth: The Most Threat To Our Planet Earth

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    our planet Earth. Earth has many unique features like being able to grow plants, having a sufficient amount of water but the most peculiar out of all of these is that Earth is the only planet that can sustain life. This also makes Earth one of the most beautiful planets in our solar system. Earth has developed a lot because of the advancement of the human race, the most intellectual out of all the species, but with this development comes a price, the price of the life of both Mother Earth and its ecosystem

  • Earthquakes In The Earth

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    Earthquakes Introduction An earthquake is known as when the earths outer layer is broken into pieces known commonly as tectonic plates which are constantly moving towards, away from or past each other when this happens it causes a movement between the tectonic plates and an earthquake occurs. Countries that had to deal with earthquakes are in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Canada, USA and South America and The earthquake triggered a tsunami which devastated several coastal towns in the south-central

  • Change On Earth: The Phenomenon Of Climate Change On Earth

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    The phenomenon of climate change on Earth We all know that climate change is becoming more complex today. Scientists say human beings are one of the major contributors to global warming, causing the greenhouse effect. Earth Climate Change is a change of climate system including atmospheric, hydrosphere, biosphere, current and future lithosphere by natural and artificial causes in a certain period of magnetism. By decade or millions of years. The change may be to change the average weather or change

  • Essay On Solar Earth

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    Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune • Dwarf planets x 5 - Pluto, Ceres, Haumea, Makemake and Eris

  • Essay On Earth Sciences

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    Preparing To Address Earth And Environmental Challenges: Earth Sciences (1023 Words) Are you interested in all the natural phenomena and cycles that occur on a daily basis around our planet? Would you like to use your knowledge of this interesting science into practical applications? With a degree in Earth Sciences, which deals with our planet as well as it neighbors, this could be a possibility. With so many challenges facing our planet and its inhabitants, such as climate change, environmental

  • Essay On Earth Tremors

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    With the recent cases of earth tremors in some parts of Nigeria, especially in the North, there is expedient need for the Nigerian Government at all levels and its relevant crisis-management agencies to take ‘proactive steps’ to mitigate their impacts on the citizenry. This should include pre-warnings and enlightening Nigerians about these natural disasters and the best line of actions to take whenever they do occur. Just recently, another earth tremor struck Kwoi community in Jaba Local Government

  • Greenhouse Effect On The Earth

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    consists of physical and chemical processes under interaction with solar radiation on the Earth. Solar radiation is the main source of energy on the Earth, forming and maintaining both human and creature life, including plants and animal. The Earth is just one of the planets in the solar system. Therefore, only one part of solar energy comes to the Earth. In term of the total solar energy coming to the Earth, one third will be reflected back out to the universe due to clouds and glaciers, while two

  • The Importance Of Earthquakes On The Earth

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    The new frequency of the vibrations on our earth is beating the frequency of our mobile vibration. Earthquakes have really been the topic of discussion on social forums and everywhere due to its constant frequency. Well the promotion of this natural calamity is becoming a nightmare for everyone. The vibrations caused by the rocks breaking under stress are moving the underground surface. It depends on many factors such as magnitude, distance from the epicenter, and depth of focus, topography and local

  • Persuasive Essay On Earth

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    pretty bad place to be in right now. We have so many problems to deal with: global warming, holes in the ozone layer, poaching, rising seas, high crime rates, fast-dwindling resources, pollution, etc. All these problems make it a huge problem to be on Earth. Despite all the good that we have done, such as surviving as a very dominant species, inventing many new technologies, exploring outer space, etc., what have we done to give back to nature? We are very selfish in taking natural resources away from

  • Allegory Of Earth Analysis

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    “The Allegory of Earth” is a mythological-based portrayal of the bounty and the vastness of the earth and how it is the only element which all kinds of figures take part of. The earth relies on the gods and the creatures of the earth to provide the bounty for them to thrive, but they must work the land and give partly to the Gods to have a harmonious and bounteous earth; however, the element of earth is what freely and willingly allows that cycle to occur. “The Allegory of Earth” is not meant to

  • Earth Day Speech

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    Lesson 1 : Our Planet Earth ## Put” You will Learn” (Lesson Objectives) Let’s do (Activity 1) ## Introductory activity should relate the points discussed in the chapter. Please include a section that will let student to understand about the chapter through the activity Take a ball and an orange and list out the minute differences between the two with regards to its shape. In this lesson we will be able to learn- About the features of the Earth. Some important facts about the earth. What are globes

  • The Flat Earth Theory

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    Public school teachings and scientific research have led society to believe that the Earth is spherical. As a result, most of society acknowledges this and blindly accepts the concept of global Earth rotating around the sun; although, the vast majority of the human population would not claim to have personally seen the world from beyond its borders. What most ordinary people have done, however, is explore the Earth empirically. Being empirical is defined as basing viewpoints, not on theory, but on

  • Importance Of Rare Earths

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    Rare earth elements (REEs) are a group of 15 chemical elements in the periodic table, specifically the lanthanides. The lanthanides are elements spanning atomic numbers 57(lanthanum, La) to 71 (lutetium, Lu). From them only promethium (Pm) does not occur naturally in the Earth’s crust. Two other elements, scandium and yttrium, have similar physicochemical properties to the lanthanides, are commonly found in the same mineral assemblages, and are often referred to as REEs. The term rare earth is a

  • Essay On Living On Earth

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    stay on Earth or live on other planets? Throughout our life, not only scientist , but we have also been questioning whether Earth is the only planet with life. There are facts supporting both sides, but there is no convincing evidence that has been found to prove whether or not Earth is the only planet with life. Everyday we wake up and find ourselves surrounded by life. As a human, we do the same things everyday. We eat, we go to school or work and we entertain ourselves. But will Earth remain

  • Snowball Earth Theory

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    The initiation of a Snowball Earth, involves a cooling mechanism in which an increase in the Earth’s coverage of snow and ice occurs. As mentioned previously, an increase in ice and snow coverage would result in an increase in the reflected fraction of solar radiation known as albedo. Increase in albedo causes a positive feedback for cooling.. That means, if enough snow and ice accumulates, farther cooling would result accompanied with larger areas being covered with more and more ice, and so on

  • Preserve The Earth Essay

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    be worn out sooner or later. According to National Geographic, the Earth, a man’s home, is the only planet in the solar system known to give life. It is made from interactive and complicated structures which can be often unpredictable. Land, air, water, and life —which include human beings—combine forces to generate a continuously changing world. Earth is our planet and a most crucial need for the continuity of existence. The Earth has unique traits, and these are crucial to man. It’s far the most

  • Essay On Earth Extinction

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    change, we do not always know the precise reason. Presently, we are undergoing Earth’s sixth major extinction, which involves two main phases. However, rewind back 444 million years ago as I tell you a little bit about the first major extinction on Earth. Between the end of the Ordovician Period and the beginning of the Silurian Period, the oldest of the five extinctions took place. The Sam Noble Museum explained that the cause of this extinction was solely caused by climate change. Due to a southern

  • The Importance Of The Oceans Of Earth

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    The statement “We know more about our moon than the ocean’s of Earth” is surprisingly true. Our oceans are massive and take up more than 70% of Earth, alone that is more to explore than the moon by 10x. As a society and a species as a whole, we strive to know the most about our surroundings, and every inch of earth is what we meant. Ever since the early 1600’s, scientists have strived to collect data and announce what new information we

  • Natural Hazards In The Earth

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    The Earth is dangerous place than ever. The reports of natural disaster occurring constantly with intensity. We, the human beings are the one that changed the world. This creates a situation in which ordinary events like earthquakes and hurricanes become increasingly elevated to the level of natural disasters that cause heavy losses in human life and property. The earth is warming. Earth’s average temperature has risen by 1.4F over the past century. This has affected the worlds climate and the ecosystem