Theories Of Young Earth Creationism

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Amy Wanguba
Mrs. Loewer
18, March, 2018
Young Earth Creationism Creationism is the religious belief which claims that every little and big thing in the universe emerged and developed from distinct acts of divine creation, not by a natural process like evolution. Creationists believe that the duration for all the organisms in the world to be created was 6, 24 hour long days. They believe all life and the universe was created by a deity of higher power, in this case God. Creationism is a belief that appears in the Bible, specifically in the first book called Genesis. There are many types of Creationism theories that have different views on how the world came to be. I would like to expand my knowledge on the Young Earth Creationism theory so that I understand one viewpoint on how the world was created.
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Young earth creationists tend to believe that the creation of the work in Genesis, took exactly 6, 24 hour days. They believe that the creation happened around 10,000-12,000 years ago, and after that 2,500 years before Christ, Noah’s flood caused the rearrangement of the earth 's surface. So that also means that creationists believe that many of the shifted tectonic plates, most but not all of the earth 's sedimentary layers were caused by the massive
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