Postmodernism Vs Christian Worldview Essay

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Both modernism and postmodernism worldviews approach ideas from a different perspective than the Christian worldview. The divisive central point is the reason for existence. Modernism and postmodernism are humanistic in structure. The Christian worldview is based on God. Knowledge base within modernism and postmodernism relies on the human based creation, while Christian worldview rests on the teachings of the Bible. Incorporation of elements of the modern or postmodern worldview is not compatible with the Christian worldview. Modern and postmodern worldviews are based on human ideas and rejection of God. The loss of the single story holding a community together has led to allowing everyone to create their own story (Sire, p. 216). This process was notated within the time frame of the Greco- Romans when Plato started to explain the order of the world without recourse to myth or divine authority (Goheen & Bartholomew, p. 72). Cultural acceptance of the belief there can be multiple perspectives allows for the …show more content…

Historical knowledge and science provide a point where biblical and cultural stories collide (Goheen & Bartholomew, p. 130). Culture is communicated through common stories and events. Science or the human desire to explain what is seen can be identified within Greek mythology throughout history to the postmodern views of today. The Christian worldview provides a basis for belief in a creator, not dependent on human action continue existence (Goheen & Bartholomew, p. 23). Scientific exploration and discovery is a part of God’s creation. There ae sections of the Bible that discuss items such as dinosaurs, hydrology, physics, anthropology, biology and geology (Science and the Bible, 2003). Increasing scientific knowledge has supported the validity of the Bible. The postmodern worldview that does not acknowledge God as the singular source of creation should not be incorporated into a Christian

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