How Did Christianity Influence The Scientific Revolution

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Christianity has shaped the Scientific Revolution in Europe in many different ways. The main argument is that it brought a new of thinking that relied on Empiricism and objectivism. The findings made by the revolution’s astronomers challenged the foundations of the truths of the Christian church and the Bible. Some studies show that it has shaped the Scientific Revolution, whereas others show that it has not. The research that shows Christianity does have a significant amount of impact on the Scientific Revolution mostly deal with the explicit conflict between religion and science. The research that does not show the impact of Christianity on the scientific Revolution mostly question if it was even necessary on the Birth of Science. Also, the…show more content…
These two historical but sacred pieces of writing also happen to show that there is an explicit conflict between religion and science. The Old Testament shows this as displaying the fact that a supernatural being created the natural world. According to Frederick Seller, this supernatural being acts “frequently to intervene in his creation, to make things act in contradiction to their natures.” The New Testament says that it is unscientific and that the world was created by a causally impossible events or miracles. Two examples of these miracles are Mary giving birth as a virgin and Jesus walking on water. First, the example of Mary giving birth to Jesus as a virgin is an impossible event because there was no such technology back in the day that allowed this. Next, the example of Jesus walking on water is impossible due to the fact that law of gravity still comes into play. Seller states, “The whole Christian worldview entails the subordination of reality, identity, and causality to the whims of an alleged God for whom there is no evidence and who is therefore to be accepted on faith.” From stating this, he means that even though there is no evidence to prove that any of these events actually happened, the fact that these miracles are a part of what connects Christianity to the Scientific Revolution and it just needs to be…show more content…
To figure out this relationship and connections between the three, scholars went back to study the Age of Reason. During the Age of Reason, scholars adopted empiricism. Empiricism is the theory that everything is based on experience, according to the five senses. Another key aspect to this age of reason was that the universe operated without the hand of God behind every miracle. The last aspect to this was that scholars and philosophers rebelled against restrictions of Christianity. In order to form this minor rebellion, science and metaphysics had to be used instead for
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