What Is The Main Message Of Your Inner Fish The Genetic Blueprint Of Human Life

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In Neil Shubin’s book Your Inner Fish the genetic blueprint of human life, and all animal life, is revealed. The book’s main message is that everything, every feature humans or any other animal can have, is part of the same genetic history. The features and mechanisms that make up our bodies have evolved through “descent with modification” over time. Slight changes to cells, bones, and genes have all culminated into new species that while different still carry reminders of their evolutionary past. When most learn of evolution they learn humans and primates evolved from a common ancestor, and they stop there, they do not look any further. What makes this book and this book’s lesson interesting is the fact that it takes it beyond, beyond what some people may even know exists scientifically. This book links modern humans all the way back to single-celled organisms, and the scientific proof is there. This opens readers up to new ways of thinking of themselves as humans in the …show more content…

These three “germ layers” developed the same organs in all animal species. Basically, scientists found that all animals begin as a tube with the front and back ends becoming the mouth and anus and the tube itself becoming the digestive system. Those three germ layers are contained within the tube, and they develop the organs. The connections are limitless. Animals all contain the same genes, even humans and fruit flies with the Hox gene; alike genes are even seen as far back as sea anemones who not only have a head and tail end like humans, but carry the same genes for head and and tail development as humans do. Again, humans are shown to be connected to the animal kingdom through the evidence of like genes in creatures that do not in anyway resemble the human

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