Which Country Has The Most Islands Essay

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Which Country Has the Most Islands? Estimates show that approximately 700 million people on earth live on islands, most of whom have unique cultures that have significance in their environmental resources. Islands are very popular with people who want to have good and relaxed time because of the experiences they offer by being hotbeds of biodiversity having rare flora and species. Because of their remoteness, islands are good examples of clean environments that support healthy organisms including acting as rest points for migrating birds. For these and more reasons, countries with Islands are actually lucky, and the more, the better. Japan Japan is an archipelago stretching for 1,869 miles of 6,853 islands of which, over 430 are inhabited. The four main Islands include Honshu (which is the largest and has the capital Tokyo), Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Whereas most are natural, there are a couple of man-made islands as well. Each of the inhabited islands of Japan has unique cultures and biodiversity whereas the uninhabited ones are homes to thousands of plant and animal species, including endangered ones. Japan’s islands provide rich …show more content…

Indonesia is the largest island country, the fourteenth largest country in the world by land and the seventh largest globally by both land and sea area. In total, the country has 18,307 islands that hosts the over 261 million people though this figure fluctuates depending on different sources. Major islands include Malaku and Sunda groups of Islands. Sunda Islands hosts the island of Java on which the capital, Jakarta, lies. Indonesian islands are popular for unique beaches, volcanoes, prehistoric items, limestone cliffs, and rich wildlife including forests, elephants, tigers and many others. The wildlife and culture of Indonesia make it among the top tourist destination on the

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