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  • Business Environment In Business

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    Success of a business depends on resources and the environment of the organisation where it is located. So business begins, multiplies, or flourishes and ends in its environment. It exchanges resources with the environment. A business organisation collects inputs like man, money, materials, and machines, and provides output like goods and services in the environment and society. Environment means surrounding. Business environment is defined as a force that affects the performance of the organisation

  • Business And Business Environment

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    Business and cultural environment has great impact on organizational behaviour. There are two kinds of business environment: economic environment and non-economic environment. The economic environment includes economic system, economic policies and economic condition. Whereas non-economic environment consists of natural, demographic, technological, legal, political, social environment. McDonald’s has food chains to nearly 120 countries. Their operation largely depends on the business and cultural

  • Business Structure: Business Case And Business Plan

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    Name Institution Business Case and Business Plan Date of Submission Business Case and Business Plan A business case is a documented argument consisting of the requirements to move an idea from a simple idea to an actual project. A business plan is a proposition for a new business or the expansion of an existing business. Both business plan a business case are important aspects to realizing a successful business. Below, we shall discuss these two concepts, their differences and how they

  • Importance Of Business Ethics In Business

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    what is bad, what is morally right and wrong. It is a set of moral standards that govern the behavior of people and how activities are conducted. This means that business ethics is basically ethics applied in the business or professional environment. Hence, it could also be otherwise termed as corporate ethics or professional ethics. Business ethics generally does not have a single, universal standard. The ethical behavior which companies are required to observe are usually the same moral standards

  • Business Summary: Failing Business

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    Failing business Running a business is risky. In fact 49% of businesses fail within their first five years and 30% of businesses don’t even make it through the first two years. What is business failure? Some conclude that businesses fail due to bankruptcy, “organizational death” which including merger or acquisition and failing to meet responsibilities to the stakeholders of the organization including employees, customers, owners, and suppliers. Organization death is also known as organizational

  • Importance Of Business Efficiency In Business

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    Business efficiency is a scientific category of Microeconomic and macro economy generally. It is the goal that all economists aim with the purpose that they will gain the highest profit with the lowest cost, to expand their businesses, will occupy the market and want to improve reputation and its brand in the market. Firstly, business efficiency reflects the ability to use the resources of the enterprise. "Economic textbook" of P.Samuelson and W.Nordhaus wrote: "The effect that is used the most effectiveness

  • Business Ethics In Business

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    Business ethics nowadays become most important part to all kind of businesses. Most companies issues basic policies on their employee integrity. In addition, corporate social responsibility refers to the companies who are taking responsibility to their impact on society. CSR is highly important to the competitiveness between businesses. Companies have to protect their social responsibilities by protecting their consumer rights, the ethical practices towards the consumers are important in order to

  • Importance Of Business Strategy In Business

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    In modern economic system and business environment, having a correct business strategy directly influence the efficiency and the future of the firm. Most of leaders of a company runs their business with a planned strategy with predicting trend of demand, flow of resources allocation and long term aggregate planning. But in most of cases, it had been proven that the real world situation is normally different from what we planned. Modern customer’s behavior becoming harder and harder to predict due

  • The Challenges Of Business Communication In Business

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    Communication is an important part of every relationship, whether to a business or an individual. In the business circle, proper communication is vital for the daily schedule of the company. But, it can also have an effect on business sales and profitability. Without proper business communication, the internal and external structure of a business might be confronted with several challenges that can eventually cause its failure. All business communication can be grouped into either internal or external forms

  • Business Essay: A Career In Business Management

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    A Career in Business Management A business manager is not a person who sits at a desk and bosses people around all day. This job requires a degree in business and possibly even a master’s degree. A business manager oversees the activity of a company and has to be able to work well with others. He or she must be able to be a great leader and command the respect of his or her employees. There are many different steps to becoming a business manager. According to “to become

  • Business Planning: The Importance Of Business Plan

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    Importance of Business Plan: The most important step in launching a new venture or expanding of an existing venture is the construction of a business plan. Business plan ‘tells a story’ and explains how the business will achieve its objectives in a “coherent, consistent and cohesive manner” (GRAHAM, 2004). A business plan is a comprehensive plan that includes goals of the enterprise, both long and short term; a description of the products and services that will be offered and the different market

  • Business Model Canvas Business Plan

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    Chapter 1 Executive Summary: Business Model Canvas 1.) CUSTOMER SEGMENTS -UST COLLEGE STUDENTS THAT TRAVELS TO THEIR PROVINCES 2.) VALUE PROPOSITION -Long life product that is modern and fashionably detailed. Basically, our product is developed due to the problems that we have observed and are experience by an ordinary college student that travels to their provinces which are: There are plenty of school supplies and there’s no appropriate pockets for them, there’s no organizer that segregates their

  • Business: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Small Business

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    traders The main disadvantages are problems such as with sickness or holidays although this does not apply if there are a large number of employees. 14.15 Planning permission and small businesses In some countries if someone wishes to establish a business from their own home, which is likely to be a nuisance to neighbours such as a kennelling service for dogs or repairing many different cars during the course of the day, it may be difficult to obtain the necessary planning permission. On the other

  • Reflection On Business

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    Business Reflective Essay K1154125 Filed under: Uncategorized — Leave a comment May 21, 2012 It is not easy to understand certain things until you really undergo it. Entrepreneurship is one such thing. Understanding business is not an easy task. May be education and reading about it develops your knowledge but you will never learn until you run one of your own. I gained such a wonderful experience of running a business and gaining knowledge through this course. Learning and applying: Being a student

  • Business Case Study: Successful Business

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    Successful business, as it is mentioned in the case study (Growing a Business byInternational Acquisition), Know when and how to adapt and change which involves growing some areas and cutting back less profitable areas. Companies may often grow by benefiting from acquiring businesses or outsourcing operations in overseas markets because of the availability of customers and low wages of the production cost. Business growth or expansion has potential benefit and drawbacks, thus some business owners are

  • The Importance Of Business Ethics In A Business?

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    “Title Rhenzl” Business is an economic activity whereas its concern is continuously and constantly producing and distributing goods and services to market in order to provide and satisfy human needs, wants and demand (Henry, 2015). Meanwhile, ethics had been studied by the philosophers for about 2500 years, since the time of Plato and Socrates. As of today, ethics is considered as the moral standards that an individual is relying upon when making a judgment and decision. This statement is supported

  • The Importance Of Business And Ethics In Business

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    Business and ethics today are always intertwined. A company success and reputation used to only be linked to revenue, performances, innovation in the past. However, in today society what the company brings to the community and stand for; basically, their ethics is a big part of their success. Ethics are a set of moral principle and a guiding philosophy according to the Merriam Webster dictionary online. To dive deeper into it from a business perspective ethics are how a company conduct its business

  • Role Of Business Ethics In Business

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    concept of "business ethics", it is often assumed that there is an abstract element or unreal. These business people do not understand this concept and do not fully understand the role of ethical in business. Meanwhile, business ethics has a great role for the development of enterprises. In fact, economists have demonstrated that corporate profits associated with ethics, and increase the level of profits tied to increase level of ethics. So businesses do not understand the role of business ethics, no

  • Advantages Of Business To Business B2B

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    BUSINESS TO BUSINESS B2B B2B is the abbreviation of ‘business to businesses. It is simply defined as e-commerce between companies. It is sales made from business to business. B2B often take the form of one manufacturer might sell to a car manufacturer. Wholesalers company selling supplies or components to another. B2B applications are in the area of supplier management, inventory management, distribution management and payment management. For example, a tire manufactures often sell their tire

  • Business Summary: 21 Ways To Success In Business

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    TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS. As Richard Brandon,an entrepreneur's entrepreneur puts it, "Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital,so that you can do more of it and move forward with it." Yeah,this is very true and it resonates quite well to me since what I do;my business is as a result of my passion for it! An entrepreneur plays so many roles at the same time. He/She is an administrator, an accountant,a technician,a manager and a salesperson. Some business people are too