The Importance Of Business Ethics In The Business Environment

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Business is an economic activity whereas its concern is continuously and constantly producing and distributing goods and services to market in order to provide and satisfy human needs, wants and demand.
Meanwhile, ethics had been studied by the philosophers for about 2500 years, since the time of Plato and Socrates. As of today, ethics is considered as the moral standards that an individual is relying upon when making a judgment and decision. This statement is supported by Bennett (2014) wherein ethics clearly defines what is the right and wrong things and shapes what kind of behavior the business should act on.
For the sense of business according to Joseph (2013), ethics are constructed and decided by each business and underpins decision that an employee makes. When it comes to the business’ environment, a well-constructed ethics is a key for a considerate and responsible decision making in a business (Bennett, 2014).
Business Ethics is very important inside the company, it will show the moral standards that a company or business have whether it is right or wrong and good or bad. Every etiquette that a business has, will reflect on what kind of company or business you are. Thus, every company or business must show the proper and right etiquettes it should have, so that the customers will have that kind of trust and a good feedback on your company.
Being an ethical business captivate and keep employees, stakeholders, and employees as they consider knowing
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