Examples Of Business Ethics Of Nestle

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Business ethics also referred to as corporate ethics can be considered as either a form of applied ethics or professional ethics. Its purpose is to analyse ethical principles and also moral as well as the ethical problems that might arise in a business environment. Business ethic is applicable to all parts of business conduct and also takes into consideration the conduct of individuals and the business organizations as a whole. Business ethics can be divided into normative and descriptive discipline. For the purpose of this assignment, the Nestle Company has been chosen. First an overview of its ethical issues shall be presented, followed by the company’s attitude toward corporate governance and its CSR activities shall be discussed. For a brief introduction of the company, Nestle is a Swiss-based, food and beverage producer that is known worldwide. Nestle has existed for more than 140 years. As to this date, with more than 8,000 brands and global sales of over $100 billion the company is the largest food and beverage manufacturer around the world. Nestle possesses about 450 factories and has businesses in a total of 86 countries around the world. Nestle has a large range of products, from food and snack to ice-cream and cereals. Nestle has the objective to be recognized worldwide as the leader in Nutrition, Health, and Wellness. Nestle has a motto that states, “Good Food, Good Life” that holds the company’s purpose of enhancing the quality of their customers daily

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