Importance Of Ethics And Integrity In The Workplace

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Introduction Nowadays, ethics and integrity has played a vital role in our daily lives especially in the workplace. Ethics is defined as being concerned with judgements involved in the moral decision, whether it is good or bad, true and fair (Velasquez 1999); whereas, integrity is defined as the honesty and having strong moral principles in reporting. The purpose of this assignment is to find out and understand how importance of ethics and integrity has played in the business and workplace. Responses and Evidences Why compliance with Ethics and Integrity? Ethics and integrity is essential and played an important role in helping the growth of the business. Behave ethically could contribute to good performance and customers’ satisfaction. This lead maintains and expands the relationship between both parties and indirectly would increase company reputation (Bandsuch, M 2009). According to the Trevino & Nelson (2010), behave in ethics and integrity not only could stronger the relationship with the customers, but also the relationship with the stakeholders. Apart from that, ethics and high integrity could also increase the confidence of customers towards the organization (Trevino & Nelson, 2010). On contrary of that, according to Cadbury (2002) argument on unethical behaviour or a lack of corporate social responsibility, by comparison, may damage a firm 's reputation and make it less appealing to stakeholders and profit could fall as a result (Cadbury S., 2002). Besides

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