Ethics: The Importance Of Ethics In Our Society

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As children, we were taught by our parents that it is wrong to lie, cheat, and steal. As we grow up and enter into the real world with some knowledge of right and wrong, we see, first hand, the importance of ethics as well as its complexity. The role of ethics in our society and in an individual’s life is very necessary because it has a large influence on today, as well as the future. We need to learn about good ethics because they guide our decisions, make us who we are, and determine our future. We are taught the difference between the right and wrong since our childhood but are always told that the lying and cheating always makes things difficult but when students go to school and college they are faced with different dilemma as then the cheating seems to be the easier way to get good grades. They do not really see cheating as the wrong way of doing things they see it as an easy way of doing things .They do not even consider it as an unethical thing because they have been taught that to do the right thing is the easy way .They are taught that the right path and the ethical path is always the easy one but in reality that is not true. The ethical and right path is difficult and complex as J.K.Rowling has said, “Sometimes we must choose between what is right and what is easy.” Students do realize that cheating is wrong because they are very much concerned about getting caught but they still do it because they do not consider it unethical enough to avoid doing it because in

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