PSY 490 Ethics Awareness Inventory Paper

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Ethics Awareness Inventory
Kristeena Stiles
PSY/ 490
September 29, 2014
Professor Foster Ethical Awareness
Every individual view ethics differently, but individual that understand ethics can very well determine what is right and what is wrong. The understanding on the differences of when to use morals and when to use the ethical side came a difference. In this paper, it will discuss the role and importance of personal ethics by principles, code of conduct, and in psychology. It will discuss how ethics can be effected when applying if to psychological principle’s. It will assess how ethics affects psychological knowledge and principals, and lastly analyzing the advantages of psychology as an individual opinion and how did ethics make …show more content…

Kristeena believes when it come to spiritual aspects of psychology it is not important but the cultural of the individuals need, because not everyone believes in the same choice you must have, so getting more information built in cultural setting is more …show more content…

Morality is how one experiences and how he or she learns the behavior. With individuals, he or she does not learn than consequences may follow. With the health, individuals need to balance, and individuals need to know what is right and what is wrong. When individuals do not use morals, his or her thought process might hinder actions that may or may not benefits themselves or others. Ethical values begin with one individual thought and he or she learns their thoughts everything else falls into

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