Examples Of Utilitarianism In The Movie The Island

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In today’s world, many people tend to have a set of ethical principles which is one of the guidelines for them to follow on. The question is how he or she defines ethics? To answer, Ethics is best defined as knowing what is right or wrong in the action based on the moral principles. Moreover, it is also known as the branch of knowledge that deals with ethical issues. In relation, there are some ethical theories which deal with the ethical issues. The consequentialist theorist can be taken as an example. Consequentialist theories are a theory in which it is based on the consequences of an action. Based on the movie assignment, The Island, there are some major views that the consequentialist theories have on the movie. One of the major…show more content…
So, what is act utilitarianism? Act utilitarianism is best defined as a value of consequences of the act when it is determining whether it is the right act and if it brings about the greatest good consequences for all. In addition, for most act utilitarian’s, they do think that even though telling the truth is a moral action , but if it brings about the greatest good for everyone from immoral acts, it can be considered as ethically moral or immoral in the eyes of the law based on situations. From the observations of the movie, the Island, an act utilitarian would view this movie based on the different situations that takes place. As an example from the movie, the Island, Jordan two delta, known as Scarlett Johansson which is the clone, in the outer world has made the right act based on the consequences in which she diversified the mind of the working policemen by saying “open the door “while holding up a gun and the military officer, Albert Laurent shoots two of the working policemen in the isolation of the outer world in order to save the lives of the lottery winner people who is caught inside the door while suffocating to death. The military officer then directs one of the working agents to “open the door “for the people. In this situation, an act utilitarian would view the situation based on bad consequences which encounters and then considers the situation as self-defence for others or moral obligatory in…show more content…
Rule utilitarianism is best defined as an action is right if it conforms to a rule that leads to greatest good or that the rightness or wrongness of a particular action is the correctness of the rule itself. Besides these, a rule utilitarianism person would think the consequences first before any action is to be taken by him or her. So as to relate to the movie assignment, The Island, the rule utilitarian would view this film based on the situations which takes place. From the observations on the movie, there was an incident in which Lincoln six echoes, the clone and the actual Tom Lincoln were both in the same car travelling to see the President of the U.S. regarding the issues that happened in the outer world. While driving, Tom Lincoln says to the clone, “it’s a red.” After a few seconds he says again “it’s a red, red, red, red light” to the Lincoln six echoes who is unaware of the situation while driving. “Stop the car” and so he stopped the car on time. He said to the clone, Lincoln six echoes “always stop at red lights”. According to rule utilitarian’s, the rule utilitarian views this situations as one of the rule to be followed if one is to have better consequences compared to the actions in the future. Another example from the movie itself is when Lincoln six echoes friend, James “Mac” McCord also known as Steve Buscemi had helped them listed down the names for them in Los

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