Turnitin Cheating

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There are many students that are guilty about cheating on assignments in school. With easy access to the Internet students are able to pay other people online to do their work. It is a easy way for students now to go on the Internet and buy a paper, when they are too busy to sit down and do the paper themselves. It seems as technology grows and grows and more websites come up, more people will stop doing the work and stop being creative. When will they ever stop cheating or stop being lazy? that is the real question.adding to that, students with cell phone uses their phone to connect with their friends to get the answers for an exam in class. plagiarism is one hard thing to do when doing an assignment. when doing an assignment you need to make …show more content…

Turnitin is the leading originality checking and plagiarism prevention service used by millions of students and faculty, and thousands of institutions worldwide. Turnitin encourages best practices for using and citing other people 's written material. The reason why, some scholars are not giving credit to the people the took the information from to put it in their essays. Sometimes it can be hard trying to put the information about someone 's article in your essay. But that should not stop you from not giving credit to the people that help you complete your work. When looking up pragriasm websites, I did a little research myself. i turn in one of my essays on the website and it told me I had 38 pragrisized work on my paper. It did not seem right because my essay was talking about my life and how could have it been wrong, it 's me. seeing it did show me that punctuations where wrong and run over sentences that i nor my professor didnt even catch. Julie Rawe said that, "The Air Force Academy which expelled fifthteen first-year cadets this month for cheating with great pride in its own code but also checks for plagiarism". As you can tell people cheat on the work just to keep going and not doing the work themselves. We need to set a good example for students. Without help from one another, cheating makes sense for many students because there is noone there for

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