Is3350 Unit 1 Assignment

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As I engage this unit’s Read and Attend assignments, I find that my understanding of plagiarism is not as fully developed as I had previously thought. Our Unit 3 Attend assignment shares that “in a general sense plagiarism may be caused by carelessness” and these circumstances frequently precipitate the lack of care required while writing (Bethel University, 2014, p. 11). The academic integrity tutorial provided additional information which I found valuable as well. Common themes within each unit assignment provide strands of continuity, while assisting with a more comprehensive understanding. It is my opinion, the type of plagiarism that is hardest for me to avoid is “plagiaphrasing”, also known as “lazy paraphrasing” (Bethel University, 2014, p. 12). I have reached the conclusion, that I must develop a repeatable plan to avoid my most probable oversights or mistakes concerning plagiarism. I must ensure that I dedicate ample time to analyze and develop my thoughts concerning source materials. Appropriate citing and referencing will safeguard the credibility of my work. The assigned academic integrity tutorial and quiz provides guidance concerning the “Steps to Paraphrase” (Bethel University, 2015). It provides a …show more content…

Our weaknesses and tendencies while composing documents are clearly revealed in the tutorial. As we compose work that frequently relies on the ideas of others, the benefits of understanding our tendencies are indispensable while avoiding plagiarism. Personally, I have decided to capitalize on summarizing and direct quotations, while marginalizing my use of paraphrases. I believe that summarizing requires more analysis of the sources intent, allowing me to effectively continue to strengthen my analytical skills. I intend to utilize short direct quotations in order to provide clarity to my perspective and analysis of the

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