Is3350 Unit 1 Assignment

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For the assessment blueprint, I will be discussing 4 different L.T. (Learning Targets) and describe what the assessment items are and how the items will be giving my students based on a story called The Lion and the Mouse. L.T #1 allows students to practice vocabulary and create their own sentences to describe the illustrations in the text. L.T. #2 is sorting and determining the order of events using their descriptions or the illustrations in the book. L.T. #3 Identifies 3 characters and determining the plot and setting of the story. Finally, L.T. #4 allows the students to explore the belief of the main message or theme of the story using their descriptions and illustrations to support their answers. My goal is to assess the students understanding of the questions that will be asked and the content area. I want my students to understand and comprehend the concepts and skills from the activities. For Knowledge & Understanding category of L.T. #1, I will include 1 multiple choice question so that my students will understand the importance of knowing what an illustration is, and why they are important in the text. For L.T. #2, I will give my students 2 true and false questions…show more content…
For L.T. #2 I will have my students describe the main event in 2 ways using only one sentence that will retell that particular scene using the illustrations in one and use only their descriptions in the other. In L.T. #3 I will have 2 pictures of a setting and illustration in the book and the students will have to explain/ describe what is happening based on the picture. In L.T. #4 the students will describe what they think the main theme or message is of the story, the students must explain why they feel that

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