A Mexican Cinderella Story Adelit Book Analysis

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By reading aloud and exposing students to cultural literacy, it allow students to gain new perspective from different cultures. This lesson requires five cultural diverse books that are central themed with the well-known Cinderella story. By examining these books, I hope that students will appreciate the cultures from Mexico, China, India, Persia, and Hmong. In addition, these books are fictional cultural diverse books that are fairy tales which will engage students to comprehend a story with a central theme, yet see how they can have different points on view influenced by culture, likewise these books mirror on comparisons and differences. Second grade students will be encouraged to ask and answer questions. Aa a final …show more content…

RL. 2.9 Compare and contrast two or more versions of the same story( e.g., Cinderella stories) by different authors or from different cultures.
A Mexican Cinderella Story Adelita

Day 1:
Before starting the lesson I will ask students if they are familiar with the story of “Cinderella.”
Have students analyze the book cover and ask what culture will be introduced in the story. What things in the illustration depict the Mexican culture?
Analyze similarities and differences from the original version of Cinderella to the Mexican.
Ask students how the Mexican Cinderella characters have similar traits to the original characters of Cinderella.
Students will use a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the original version of Cinderella to the Mexican version.
Student Assessment: The teacher will place students into groups of 4-5. Each group will appoint one person to write. Every group will be given a Venn Diagram. From the read aloud, students will use their knowledge and analyze similarities and difference from the story as well as characters. The writer will fill in each section with the responses of the group members. At the end, each group will share what they found the same and different from the central theme of …show more content…

( 2002). A Mexican cinderella story. New York, NY: Puffin Books.
The author of this book is Tomie dePaola. This book is targeted for elementary students ranging from second to third grade. Adelita is the Mexican version of the fairy tale Cinderella, the death of her father leads her to suffer with the abuse of stepmother’s and stepsister’s mean ways. By adding this retold fictional fairy tale, it allows students to see how stories are retold through culture, but still allowing them to see that the story still has similarities as the original story. In addition, I like how this book reflects the Mexican culture, giving students more knowledge of the Mexican culture. Louie, A. ( 1982). Yeh-Shen a cinderella story from China. New York, NY: Penguin Group.
This book is written by Ai-Ling Louie. This fictional book targets students in grades second to fifth. Yeh-Shen is a Chinese retold fairy tale from the central themed Cinderella story. This story is about a young Chinese girl who overcomes the maliciousness of her stepmother and stepsister and becomes the bride of a prince. Incorporating this version into my lesson plan is a great way for students to gain knowledge of the Chinese culture through fictional

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