Similarities Between Grimm Brothers And Cinderella

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It is nearly impossible for a tale to be passed down generations and still stay the same. The fairy tale “Cinderella” told by the Grimm brothers is almost 206 years old, and differences can be seen between the modern “Cinderella” story and the original. In “Cinderella,” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, a young girl named Cinderella is treated like a servant by her family. Luckily she is gifted with beautiful clothing, enabling her to attend a festival, meeting her one true love. Cinderella gets married to the prince, and the step-sisters are punished by getting pecked in the eyes by birds. Similarly, in Walt Disney’s “Cinderella,” she is also treated horribly, and awarded a beautiful outfit by her fairy godmother, letting her attend a ball, encountering her true love. Cinderella gets married to the prince, however, the step-sisters are forgiven and live with Cinderella at the castle unlike the original story. Both stories have many similarities, especially in the climax. However, the …show more content…

In both stories, she was mocked and treated like a slave by her stepsisters and stepmother. In the original Cinderella told by the Grimm brothers, it states, “Then she seated herself on a stool, drew her foot out of the heavy wooden shoe, and put it into the slipper, which fit like a glove. And when she rose up and the king's son looked at her face he recognized the beautiful maiden who had danced with him and cried, ‘That is the true bride!’ ” In both versions, Cinderella loses her shoe and the prince finds his one true love by putting it on her. In the modern version retold by Disney it states, “He obliged Cinderella to sit down, and, putting the slipper to her little foot, he found it went on very easily and fitted her as if it had been made of wax.” In both stories, how she was treated by her stepsisters before meeting the prince, and Cinderella’s way in marrying the prince was the

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