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COP21 which was held on Nov. 330 th 2015 and lasted two weeks aimed to devise a legally binding agreement to cap global temperature rises to under 2 degrees Celsius, below preindustrial levels. Negotiations and agreements which have been brewing over several years, were finally settled in a time efficient and effective conference, hosting 196 parties which all participated in the agreement to decrease the use of fossil fuels which result in the development of greenhouse gases by 2050. The agreement functions upon the framework that each nation is to establish a conformable and realistic reduction target individually, with no penalty present for countries which fail to abide by their self‐imposed targets. Wealthy developed nations like the United …show more content…

Within the Paris Peace conference, delegates participated in negotiation and discussion through an African gathering practice, Indaba, to achieve consensus and encourage the sharing of nation’s concerns, aims and ideas. Within indaba every leaders get an equal chance to state their claims and agenda. This posed an effective inclusive method of communication and equal sharing of ideas by all nations present at the summit, to ensure all nations’ wants were being heard, in strive to work towards a consensus. Alongside the large conference, bi‐lateral meetings were held by attending countries to to deepen relations and alliances to promote cooperation practically and effectively to work towards future development and achievement of global goals as unions rather than individual forces. Thus the Paris Peace Conference was successful through it`s methods of negotiation and compromise as well as the establishment of several bi‐lateral relationships and alliances to further work towards the success of such global goal. The Agreement will not become binding on its member states until 55 parties who produce over 55% of the world 's greenhouse gas have ratified the

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