Case 1.06 War

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1.) A group of foreign terrorists decapitates Anderson Cooper on Youtube.
To openly terrorize and kill an American figure like Anderson Cooper, is to declare war on all Americans. As commander in chief, the president will neutralize the terrorist threat and restore a since of safety to the American people. He will use his power as commander of the armed forces to directly deploy troops onto the terrorist, route them out, and kill them. The option of deploying the armed forces is used to circumvent the requirement of congress to declare war.

While, if the president were able to move beyond this action, he will openly declare war on the terrorist and avenge Anderson’s murder with the full support of congress.

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He will deploy US troops.
The actions will be similar to how President Lincoln invoked emergency powers in 1861 to route confederate rebels, the President (probably without suspending habeas corpus) would route the militia group by force.

If the president were able to move beyond this action, the president would just pass a law giving the militia what they wanted.

7.) Climate change is real.
If climate change is real, the US would like to be at the forefront of discovery and remission of it. As president of the United States, I would draft a climate change treaty to be signed by every country in the world. The treaty would be a legally binding contract that requires each signing nation to allocate no less than 2 percent of their nation’s GDP to develop programs for the investigation, discovery, and elimination of changes to the climate. Each nation could develop substantial programs with their 2 percent allocations.
Such an allocation for the US should hopefully force legislators to develop programs to reduce climate change.

If I were able to move beyond this action, I would pass a law making it illegal to pollute the

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