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  • Terrorism And Terrorism: The Consequences Of Terrorism

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    Social and political injustice: People choose terrorism when they are trying to right what they perceive to be a social or political or historical wrong—when they have been stripped of their land or rights, or denied these. The belief that violence or its threat will be effective, and usher in change. Another way of saying this is: the belief that violent means justify the ends. Many terrorists in history said sincerely that they chose violence after long deliberation, because they felt they had

  • Terrorism And Terrorism

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    The issue of terrorism and global security has become a very important aspect of the debate in determining foreign policy among nations across the globe. This is because terrorism has become a great hindrance among a nation that has hinder fostering of a free flow of correlation among nations to aid in the socio-cultural, economic, political and technological development of nations globally. Terrorism has not yet been citified by the definitions presented by many as it has a controversy with it wide

  • Terrorism And Terrorism

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    The world has seen a lot and has been through a lot: kings, queens, empires, wars, revolutions, changes, but now it came to a point where it has to deal with terrorism. After the end of the Cold War, terrorism is the biggest problem the world had to face and is still facing, now more than ever. But what is terrorism? Terrorism is the ruthless use of violence and threat of violence, a strategy to obtain certain purposes. It is the killing of innocent people by nongovernmental actors for different

  • Terrorism And Terrorism

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    has been a division of loyalty between major world powers in their approach towards terrorism. Terrorism, without a concrete definition has divided the world powers on lines of loyalty towards America or loyalty towards the nations in the geo-strategic region. Which, has only deepened international instability. However, America has claimed time and again, that there is no ambiguity in its perception of terrorism, and it has always stood against the very concept of violence. But, it is impossible

  • Terrorism And Terrorism

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    be proficient at using modern technology for their own interests. Security personnel world over have on the other hand used technology to combat the ever increasing threat. New and improved technologies have also been invented to try and counter terrorism which has now become a global threat. Mobile phones and the internet have mostly been used by these terror groups to spread propaganda and popularize their agenda, recruit, radicalize and train new members, plan and coordinate attacks and to also

  • Terrorism And Terrorism: The Effects Of Terrorism

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    Terrorism is a demonstration of terror or violence used to make a nation or a certain group fearful in order to achieve a certain aim. Although it is often characterized as a violent crime carried out by a group of people (terrorists) within a State or An area where majority of people live. There are many kinds of terrorism such as domestic, administrative, communal and other but no proper typology is given. John Philip Jenkins, a Notable Lecturer of History from Baylor University classifies the

  • Terrorism: Terrorism And The Causes Of Terrorism

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    Investigation’s (FBI) main priority was to protect the United States from foreign intelligence and espionage. Since then, the FBI has made preventing terrorism its number one priority (Federal Bureau of Investigation). In order to effectively prevent terrorism, the factors that cause it must be known. After extensive research, the causes of terrorism can be attributed to religion, economic deprivation, and globalization. Religion is one of the key factors that influence

  • Religious Terrorism And Terrorism

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    Terrorism is steadily becoming a widespread occurrence in the world today as causing destruction and mass mayhem is becoming increasingly effortless with the benefits of technology. Gaining notoriety through social media and advanced technology is also just one of the numerous ways in which terrorists threaten and trigger chaos in these modern times. Terrorism can be divided into several categories, with religious terrorism emerging as the most prevalent and lethal form of terrorism, considering

  • Terrorism: The Simple Meaning Of Terrorism

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    Terrorism: The simple meaning of terrorism is “The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims” but there is no universally accepted definition of Terrorism. History of Terrorism: The modern terrorism began with the French revolution which started on 5th September 1793 and ended on 28th July 1794 in which the ruling Jacobins employed violence, including mass executions by guillotine, in order to intimidate the regime 's enemies and

  • Terrorism And Foreign Terrorism

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    Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. Throughout the history of the United States there has been many cases of foreign terrorism. Notable terror attacks with fatalities on US soil has been occurring since 1980. Even today you still hear news of Foreign terrorism in the United States. There has been debates going on for years on if terrorists should be given constitutional rights. Enhanced interrogation techniques