Persuasive Speech On Global Warming

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Name: Khalid Albaiji Section: SC135
TOPIC: Global Warming
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade my audience to aware them about the harmful effects of Global Warming and encourage the audience to help make a difference to stop global warming.
Thesis: I would like to tell you how important are to stop global warming and what steps should be taken to stop or at least minimize global warming.
I. Attention-getting device: The sea levels would raise approximately 28feet if all the Ice on Greenland melted but did you know that the maximum point in Florida is 35 feet? Regrettably for most of us, the maximum points in Florida are way far to the north. That means that we will all be …show more content…

The Problem: Global warming is influencing several parts of the planet. Global warming makes the ocean rise, what’s more the point when the ocean rises; the water covers numerous low territory islands. This may be a huge issue for many of the plants, animals and for the people living around the islands. Furthermore that water covers the plants and causes some of them to even die. The point is that when they die, those animals lose a source of food, alongside their habitat. Despite animals bring a superior capability to adjust what happens over plants do, they might also die. When the animals and plants die, the public loses two sources of food, plant nourishment and animal nourishment. They might additionally lose their homes. Hence as an result, they might take off those region or die. This would be called a breakage in the food chain, ultimately one thing leads to another thing and so on and so forth.
A. There are other ways also that affects the ocean through global warming. Plenty of things that are happening to the ocean are associated to global warming. One important thing is warm water which is caused from global warming and it is harming and killing algae in the

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