Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

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Climate Change is one of the most unsettling problems mankind faces today. It leaves an impact on every single living thing, on every continent, no matter the privilege. Long term investment must be used to change the world. People must do more than just change out their light bulbs for eco-friendly ones, or drive fuel efficient cars. A choice as simple as changing our diets could reduce a human’s carbon footprint by fifty percent. Veganism is a foolproof method to provide the answers the Earth needs, especially as the world’s population continues its inefficient and environmentally damaging methods of energy usage. People tend to focus on the political sides of climate change, however, the biggest problem the world faces in energy consumption is not transportation emissions but is how we go about out food systems and daily food choices. Evidence has surfaced about how daily food choices impact the climate severely. According to an assessment by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the livestock sector of global greenhouse gases surpassed that of transportation. According to a study published in Nature, scientists believe by 2050 eighty percent increase in global greenhouse gases could be avoided, if human diets were equally mediterranean, pescatarian, and vegetarian. Truthfully, less animal products are what is best for the future of the planet, eliminating dairy and egg products would reduce emissions the most as confirmed by Marco Springmann

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