Comparison And Contrast Essay: Climate Change And Society

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In today’s day and age, climate change is becoming a hot topic. Whether one is an advocate for change or is just skeptical of the entire belief, there is no doubt that this concept is relevant to the modern society. In an article by Robert J. Antonio titled, “Climate Change and Society by John Urry," he evaluates the research of scientist and breaks down the complexities of climate change for the audience. In a separate article by Ashokankur Datta and E. Somanathan titled, “Climate Policy and Innovation in the Absence of Commitment”, the authors evaluate policies concerning the pricing of adapting to more emission-free, healthier technology for the environment. These two articles will be compared and contrasted based on reasons why the public…show more content…
In Antonio’s, “Climate Change and Society by John Urry” he takes more of a summary approach to the topic, making it simpler and less time consuming for the information to reach the audience. Antonio does a good job at displaying both sides of the topic at hand, demonstrating his understanding of the subject by almost dumbing down the complexity of it for the audience. Antonio breaks down the information in a way where it does not overwhelm the audience. Overall, he does an effective job of simplifying such a complex subject and managing it in a way where the audience can understand the topic better. In “Climate Policy and Innovation in the Absence of Commitment” by Ashokankur Datta and E. Somanathan, the authors use of detail is superb. The methods used in this article are brief, detailed summaries before the authors dive into detail, proving the points of the article with mathematic evidence. Although the mathematic evidence is somewhat challenging for an inexperienced audience to follow, the authors do a good job explaining each formula and then going on to demonstrate
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