Climate Change Dbq Essay

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Imagine if all of Florida disappeared under the water. Millions of people would need to migrate up to other states, likely causing population issues in some places, and the culprit of the disappearance: Humans. More specifically, climate change caused by humans. Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions, and that makes the atmosphere trap heat from the sun in our atmosphere. This causes the global temperature to slowly increase. Increasing temperatures cause sea ice to melt, and that makes the global water level rise. This DBQ is about the most important consequence of climate change. There are multiple significant consequences of climate change, such as fires or deforestation, but the most critical consequence is sea ice melting.

One reason why flooding is the most important consequence of climate change is because of how it's impacting animals. Water rising is an influential consequence of climate change because it impacts animals around the world. The ice caps are melting, and that causes the water level to rise. This makes it more difficult for polar bears to find food (Doc A). Climate change is also impacting animals due to forest fires, which kill millions of animals each year (Doc B). It also causes invasive species to enter places that were …show more content…

Water rising due to climate change is impacting people by causing islands to get flooded. This causes people to have to evacuate and find new homes, which can cause overpopulation in some cases (Doc G & H). Climate change is also impacting people because of health. The warmer temperatures cause there to be longer pollen seasons since the cold comes later and goes away sooner (Doc E). This makes for miserable and potentially dangerous summers for people who are allergic to pollen (Doc F). This shows that flooding is the most influential consequence of climate change because of how it influences

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