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People may know about climate change and the drastic changes it is having on the environment, but what they may not be aware of is that another degree increase in the world’s average temperature will cause even bigger problems for people all over. Climate change is long term shifts in temperature and patterns in the weather. Greenhouse gasses, gasses that trap heat in the atmosphere causing it to warm up are at an all-time high due to humans and the amount of fossil fuels we use. The most crucial result of climate change is global health, but animal endangerment and the rise in sea levels are also very important effects.
The most important consequence of climate change is the impact it is having on global health. As climate change has been …show more content…

The length of pollen seasons has increased all over the world. In some areas like Canada, the season's range has gone over more than 24 days. (Doc E) The lengthening of ragweed pollen seasons in the central US is important because the warmer temperatures are causing certain places to experience longer allergy seasons. Overtime, it might get to a point where there will be such a long period of time where pollen is around that it will be unbearable for people who suffer from allergies. Some people will have to buy a lot more supplies to deal with the issues, as well as visit the doctor. These all cost money and as the season's length increases more and more people will have to spend a lot of money to help their well being. Another reason why global health is a huge outcome of climate change is because the National Medical Association has 88 percent of their members that believe climate change is affecting their patients' health. (Doc F) This proves that the health of people globally is being impacted and that …show more content…

The amount of arctic sea ice is declining more than ever. Polar bears are being greatly affected by the decreases in sea ice. (Doc A) This is affecting their diet because without enough sea ice it has been very difficult for them to catch seals to eat. Also, their population is decreasing due to the longer periods between hunts. (Doc A) The longer wait is making it harder for the polar to reproduce successfully causing their population to decline. This is important because polar bears are losing their habitat due to climate change and have to adjust their lifestyle to survive. Another reason why animal endangerment is so powerful is because the warmer temperatures are causing the tree line in the mountains to shift up, affecting snow leopards. (Doc B) This causes hardship for the snow leopards because it causes their area to shrink making it harder to catch their prey as they are able to blend in more. This impacts their survival rate because the weather conditions are leading them to get less

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