Climate Change Dbq Essay

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The Earth is melting, and people need to help. Climate change is a regular thing that happens on Earth, but recently, it has changed drastically. "Since 1880, Earth’s average temperature has increased by about 0.8 degrees Celsius. (BGE) This may not seem like much, but scientists are worried. They agree that another degree increase will cause problems for most people." (BGE) People are releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere now than ever. (BGE)This is greatly speeding up the process of global warming. The most important consequence of climate change is the average temperature of the earth increasing because of the Arctic melting, lack of resources, and habitat loss.

One reason the earth's temperature increasing is the most important effect of climate change is the lack of resources. Document G states, "Portion of inhabited islands where drinking water must be desalinated because the sea has flooded groundwater aquifers is more than 1/3," (DG). Document G also states, "Number of islands submerged every year is 3." …show more content…

Document A states, "Climate change is warming the Arctic along with the rest of the planet — and in the Arctic, that means sea ice is melting," (DA) This is important for many reasons. Document A claims, "Sea ice is crucial for polar bears survival," and that "Most scientists agree that these trends spell likely trouble for polar bears." This shows that the Arctic melting impacts polar bears and other Arctic animals, but that is not the only reason the artic melting is bad. The Arctic ice melts into water and Document H shows that millions of people all around the world would be flooded out of their homes. (DH) When the Arctic melts the sea level rises and the rising water levels have even submerged islands, leaving many people and animals without homes. (DG)This is very important because it is harming animals and

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