Ap Human Geography Learning Module 1

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In my opinion, Learning Module 1 is the most meaningful and important of all learning modules reviewed in this class. The Learning Module 1 is about the basics of physical geography, which includes Chapter 1: Discovering the Earth’s dimensions, Chapter 2: The Earth’s global energy balance, and Chapter 3: Air temperature. Chapter 1 is about understanding how our planet works. I think that every individual of our society should know about the characteristics of our planet such as, the shape of the Earth, the solar system, where are we located?, what time is it?, how do geographers work with space and time?, and population. Once our society is well informed about our planet, we all can make a change. Physical geographers study issues of sustainability. Nowadays, there are 7.1 billion people living on Earth. Which means that if we continue to grow, there will be 10 million people in 40 years using the same amount of resources left in our planet. In fact, we all need to work together in order to create a sustainable environment. Chapter 1 also describes the different technologies we have today to inform us where are we exactly located at …show more content…

This is important because about 70% of our planet is water-covered, temperature highly influence the chemistry of water, and all living things including us, depend on water. Also, by measuring air temperature we can know the weather of certain place. For example, if we are planning a weekend vacation, we need to know the weather before deciding the clothes we will need. However, Earth has been getting warmer in the past 50 years. We call this change “Global Warming”. This chapter also describes the causes and consequences of Global Warming. This is important to me because our life depends on how we act toward this problem. Every person living on Earth should be informed of what is happening and what will happen if we continue to live like this for the upcoming

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