Argumentative Essay On Climate Change

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Climate change is the most rising issue of the modern world that is threatening our planet from the last few decades. In the simplest definition, the term climate change refers to the rising of the planet’s temperature, particularly an increase in the average atmospheric temperature. It should be noted that in the last few decades, many scientists and ecologists has discovered the Earth temperature is increasing at an alarming rate and has affected the planet in numerous of way. The constant change in the climate due to various causes is threatening the preservation of the Earth and its human life. It should be noted that the climate change is linked with several of the human activities that are further directed towards the global warming. According to the many scientists, climate change is directly linked to the global warming (De’ath, Fabricius, Sweatman, & Puotinen, 2012). During the last few years of research, Earth has experienced a rapid increase in temperature that has caused various consequences to the planet and human habitants. The intense research on the increasing temperature of the Earth by the scientists has concluded that climate change is actually global climate change. The Global climate change issue has been in debate for over the years, however, the scientists has founded that there are over seven indicators of the climate change through which world could suffer from high temperature (Fung, Lopez, & New, 2011). The major indicator of the global climate

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