Warming Vs Global Warming

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Climate change is not global warming or weather. While it has to do with both of them, they are separate entities in the distant future. Climate change is the long term average weather in a certain area of the world. Weather is the state of the atmosphere at any given time. For example, temperature and precipitation.Whereas climate, on the other hand, includes the long lasting effects of the environment as: heat waves, or cold spells. Additionally, global warming is misinterpreted for being climate change considering that they are so closely related.With understanding that climate change is the umbrella that houses equivalent terms, for instance, global warming and weather, people can slowly be less naive about the occurrence of it. The average individual is not aware of the different causes of climate change . For instance, the average everyday person drives a car; exposing methane to the atmosphere. The methane that is then manifested into the atmosphere; contributes to global warming. Be that as it may, global warming functions in favor of climate change. Many greenhouse gases, such as nitrous oxide, generate heat in the atmosphere, which is also known as global warming (Causes of Climate Change). As greenhouse gases contribute to baking the atmosphere; it is not the only source. Particles and aerosols can also affect the climate in negative ways. Black carbon, a solid particle, that is used in the thawing of snow contributes to the heating of the climate because of
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