Informative Essay: What Is Global Warming?

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Polar ice caps are melting, sea level is rising, wet places are drying, cold places are warmer, all of these things are caused by Global Warming. What is Global Warming? you might ask. Well Global Warming is a slow rising of the earth’s overall temperature. This means that it isn’t a drastic change and the world’s climate is getting heated up in a week. Global Warming is the earth’s temperature rising by maybe 1-3 degrees of thousands and thousands of years. But, even a small change in temperature can change a lot of things on the earth.
You might also be wondering why global warming matters. Well, try comparing Global Warming to a pot of boiling water or soup on the stove. If you have it at a certain temperature that is pretty low, and it is just simmering, but then you put it up a few degrees over time, sooner or later the pot is going to be boiling. This is similar to the Earth’s Global Warming. If the earth is at a certain temperature, but over time, it raises a little bit, but only by a few degrees every few thousands of years, eventually it is going to get to warm and cause lots of problems because the earth is warmer.
Now that I have you thinking about the why and what of Global Warming, now let’s think about the cause. Well the cause of Global Warming isn’t all man made, but the most …show more content…

The effects of Global Warming on humans society can be very bad. Because if, like I said in the last two paragraphs, there will be flooding and dry weather and fires and all kinds of stuff like that, and this will not only affect how much us humans have to pay for the damage, but it will also damage our homes, our lives, and our habitats and the places we live. Global Warming will have an effect on our food and water too. It can get to hot in some places for plants to grow, or to wet in others for plants to grow. All in all, the effects of Global Warming for anything is not going to be

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