Health Promotion

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Health promotion is the process of allowing people to increase control over their health and improve it. Health promotion aims to ensure equity, improve health in life transitions, to prevent and control diseases and accidents, develop strategies to improve oral health, to guide the health sector towards health outcomes and to establish polices and mechanisms in order to manage change.

The World Health Organization, known as ‘WHO’ is an organization whose objective is to focus on worldwide health. WHO aims special attention at the fight against poor sanitation, especially in undeveloped countries. Among their priorities they also want to improve the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria and also reducing infant …show more content…

WHO also produces various health-related campaigns for the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in the world, or to reduce the use of drugs and smoking. In their constitution, health is defined as physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not only the absence of infections or illness. The ‘WHO’ role is crucial against global health issues. Current global health issues at the moment are;
Violence against women is defined as the physical, sexual, psychological and economical abuse against women. This form of violence can affect women in their entire life. An example can be abuse of women or human trafficking. Women that experience this type of violence, suffer from a variety of health problems and it gives them less chances to participate in public activities. This type of violence can affect families, communities and society. The World Health Organizations (WHO) helps to stop this domestic violence by designing investigations created to elevate the interventions into intimate partner violence. WHO supports countries to enforce the health sector in response to the violence against women including guidelines, it also works with international agencies, government and non government organizations to reduce and eliminate the violence …show more content…

Climate change is the alteration of all the climatic parameters, including; temperature, precipitation and weather events. This is due to natural causes and the human actions on the planet. Usually climate changes are produced during decades, allowing flora and fauna to adopt to the new climatological conditions, however due to the manmade actions such as industries, it had a huge impact on the climate. It has created a consumerist generation, that has increasingly generated disposable products, all of this generates gas emission in the atmosphere contributing to rising temperatures and global warming. WHO’s response to this problem is to create a new work plan on climate change and individuals affected by this problem. WHO is going to coordinate with agencies like the UN and ensure that this problem is properly represented. They are also going to raise awareness by providing and explaining the threats of this problems worldwide and provide opportunities to promote health while cutting the greenhouse effects and carbon emissions on the

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