P1 – Describe Health Promotion And Aims Of Three Different Health Promotion Activities

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Unit5.P1- describe health promotion. -aim and purpose -examples Describe health promotion and the purpose and aims of three different health- promotion activities What is health promotion? Health promotion is the delivery of information and education both to individuals and to the nation, which will help them to make positive lifestyle choices. It helps people to empower (take control) over the factors that affect their own health and so do something to develop their health and wellbeing. Health promotion cannot be forced on people it is done so that individuals are given enough good and accurate information for them to make up their own minds on actions to take that will make a positive change. What is its purpose? The purpose of health promotion is to notify individuals about current thinking on how to live healthily. It aims to inspire people to adopt health lifestyle choices. Health promotion should be hands-on in tackling health- related challenges and issues. An example of an issue that can be targeted by health promotion is the increase of obesity in this country and the issues that arise from this, such as the price of the NHS of treatment for conditions arising from obesity and the increase in obesity related deaths. What are the aims of health promotion? Health promotion activities aim to: -raise health …show more content…

For example, a person might want to smoke weed but the reduction and restriction and supply of such drug might reduce or eliminate the demand. It could be because people will find it hard to get the drugs. Sometimes people who get addicted and do not have money to buy them drugs might involve in criminal activities to fund themselves. So if a campaigning against smoking drugs helps people reduce or quit smoking then directly or indirectly it will also reduce the crime levels. This ultimately benefits the

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