Unit 5 Health And Social Care Nvq3

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As a Manager it is important to keep your skills, knowledge and practice up to date at all times and this can be achieved by using findings from research, critical reviews and enquiries regards social care. The care we provide must be safe and effective. By looking at the evidence, making a professional judgement, then applying the knowledge when making decisions regards your own practice, we can ensure the care we deliver is done so in a safe way and in a way we are able to account for our actions. It is important that you are able to pass any knowledge gained to your staff to ensure their work is also carried out in a safe and accountable way. It is important for all who work in social care to be able to apply their knowledge. As Manager it is important that you ensure and encourage staff to embrace the idea of evidence based practice. …show more content…

Victoria died of multiple injuries caused by severe abuse and ill treatment by a family member and their partner. In his

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