Unit 5 P4 Health And Social Care Study

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If you suspect abuse you must record what has lead to this suspicion, find out any information you can in order to help determine if this is the truth, you must inform other carers, your manager, the individuals care manager and the relevant authorities to ensure that this suspicion to be investigated as soon as possible. For example, an individual I care for with learning disabilities and epilepsy made a phone call to the organisation I work in around 10pm and informed me that she was going out, as it is her right to chose when and where she goes I could not tell her she could not do so, instead I asked where she was going, she informed me she was going to a party at a friends house, I then tried to obtain information about where her friends …show more content…

Being supportive and assuring to the individual will make them feel more at ease while giving any information that will be needed to help investigate their allegation. You should provide them with safety from the suspected abuser to ensure that they are not fearful about talking and discussing what has happened, you must find out as much detail as possible about what has happened, where it happened, when the abuse took place and who carried out the abuse, you also need to gather any evidence that is available to you at that time, being supportive and professional will make this task easier. Gathering and documenting any information you already know or find out about the abused individual and the suspected abuser will also help in the investigating. You should always pass all the information, report and findings on to the correct authorities, starting with your manager and then the police. You must remain professional at all times during this process and leave any personal feelings aside, if you do not remain profession important details or evidence could be missed, lost or

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