Child Abuse And Neglect

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Child abuse is now spreading increasingly day by day all over the world and can be seen in every group whether it is ethnic or cultural group. Child maltreatment includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and psychological abuse. Abuse is addition of any kind of trouble in someone’s life. It can be emotional or verbal. Child abuse is a serious issue these days and has caused severe effects in lives of children. It can also be because of parent’s negligence towards their children.
Neglect is a form of abuse which can be because of low family financial status as because basic necessities of life are missing from child’s life. In such situation, child feels totally neglected or less loved by parents. Neglect occurs when parents show no affection and have bad relations with their kids.
Child sexual abuse is one of the most dangerous forms of violence, basically, an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual purposes. It includes touching child’s genital or private parts, making a child to touch other’s genitals, have sex putting objects like fingers, tongue or penis in the mouth, inside the vagina, in the anus of a child for sexual desire. Child sexual abuse also includes some examples like showing pornography to the child, forcing a child to watch or hear sexual acts, watching child undress. It is approximated that almost 280 to 300 children were sexually abused. Not only were they forced to indulge in sexual acts, but the acts were captured in video cameras and

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