Repressed Memory Theory: The Connection Between Child Abuse And Crime

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Several theories declare the connection between child abuse and crime. One of the earliest theories was originated by Sigmund Freud in 1896. Freud 's Repressed Memories theory shows that abusive memories are indirectly stored in the victim 's subconscious. In other words, a subject blocks out painful or traumatic experiences. This could lead to hysteria, and other complications in adulthood (Richmond). The Social Learning Theory (SLT) maintains that children develop patterns of violent or delinquent behavior through imitation. For instance, if a child is being beaten at home, then the child will revert to doing so to other children at school. The Social Control Theory (SCT) says that individuals have a natural tendency towards crime and violence which is restrained by their social bonds (Currie and Tekin 4). This shows that parents’ abuse makes the abused victim more likely to offend and commit delinquent acts. Gail Anderson argues another theory that there is a biological explanation for abused children 's tendency for crime. The monamine oxidase A "MAOA gene" is said to be the cause of criminal intentions after being inflicted with abuse (Anderson 193).
"As a society, we now seem to accept that terrible abuse during childhood could predispose a child toward criminality in later life. But this explanation offers no "cure"; we can never take away that abuse. We can try to ameliorate it." (Anderson 5)
The theories seem to agree on the fear that an abused child will

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