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Annotated Bibliography American Academy of Pediatrics. "Child Abuse and Neglect: the section of child abuse and neglect (SOCAN)." n.d. A. aap Organizaton Website. Print. 22 November 2016. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a private organization, founded in 1988, to take care of the needs of abandoned infants, children, and adolescents. Also, the organization has forums to help with the education of young parents, guardians, and relatives on better ways to attend to their children. Moreover the firm has a portal for members, through the portal most of the SOCAN members get the opportunity to share, consult, and gain experience on how to give care and accommodation to the children. Besides, the organization takes annual statistics on the …show more content…

In her book, she explains to professionals and mothers on how to see and attend to children. Not only does she refer to some of her colleagues who have experienced and felt the sadness within the children’s voice, but also seen the causes and the positive and negative influence of neglect and abuse. The book is all about policies that help in the safeguard of children and also how the community can understand and relate to these kids. Finally, she explains the process of child protection and how treatment is to be administered to the affected …show more content…

According to Jenny’s book, she focuses on the medical factors and process to help account for child maltreatment. First, she focuses on the practitioner’s needs to concentrate on the minor and major signs and symptoms of abuse, and if there is any of the child’s welfare services needs to be informed. Moreover, the doctors need to administer the perfect treatment for the kid, and also without the presence of the parents or guardians. Also, there is to be a thorough investigation of the offender's historical activities, for example, his or her religious beliefs, sexual patterns, and biomechanics syndromes. Finally, the only option for the medical attendants’ needs to do after gathering such evidence is to submit them to the American Board of Pediatrics to await

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