Unit 7 P7 Health And Social Care

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7 / D.P7: Explain how different procedures maintain health and safety in a selected health or social care setting Maintaining health and safety in health and social care is extremely important to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all their service users as well as other individuals service providers may come in contact with in the setting. There are several procedures that help to maintain this health and safety however they can all vary between settings for example, health and safety procedures will be slightly different and more focused on certain areas in hospitals and especially in paediatric ward compared to in drop-in centres where the needs and risk to service users are slightly different. Some of the procedures used in health and social care to maintain health and safety include; infection control and prevention, safe moving and handling of equipment and individuals, food preparation and storage, storage and administration of medication and storage and disposal of hazardous substances. In the paediatric ward in hospitals infection control and prevention is very important. Service users in hospital are much more prone to infections and diseases as they are already unwell therefore extra precautions are always taken. This includes service providers ensuring that their vaccinations are up to date, working in a …show more content…

Older children, such as kevin, may also have problems moving therefore a proper understanding of manual handling is important to safely help patients to get from one place to

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