Unit 3 Case 1.10 Health And Social Care

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i.10The sponsor is providing the minor with a safe environment. The placement is located in an apartment complex in Woodbridge, VA. The placement appears to be safe and no visible hazards were observed. The minor is provided her own bed and shares the bedroom with other sisters. The minor did not report any concerns regarding her safety, the placement or the community. The minor is aware she may report any concerns to the CMS, sponsor, teachers or other authorities. The sponsor will continue to provide the minor with a safe environment.

J-10. Guardian/Power of Attorney domain summary: The sponsor is the biological mother and was advices by the CMs to seek an attorney to be more informed for the steps she needs to take for her case. The CMS provide the sponsor with a list of probono legal services in the near communities. …show more content…

The sponsor was encouraged to monitor the minor’s behavior to prevent her involvement in behavior or activities, which may lead to the involvement in the criminal justice system. The minor agreed to continue to abstain from behavior or activities that might lead to this involvement and the sponsor will monitor the minor’s behavior and will seek services if necessary.

Q.10 It was communicated to the sponsor the importance to develop independence skills. The minor develop her independence living skills with guidance from the sponsor, school, and participation in communication-based skills.

R.10 It was communicated to the sponsor the need to provide the minor with access to medical care. The sponsor was provided with a list of referrals of low cost medical providers and encouraged to identify a medical provider for the minor. The sponsor will make the appropriate appointments to maintain the minor’s health.

On 07/08/16 an initial visit was conducted with the sponsor and the minor at their residence in Woodbrigde,

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