Obstetrics Essays

  • Obstetrics Nursing Case Study

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    During the care of the obstetric (OB) patient throughout labor, delivery, and postpartum, obstetric departments work to provide safe outcomes for mothers and infants. To do so, nurses must be prepared to act upon any adverse event associated with increased maternal or neonatal morbidity or mortality. However, staff are challenged to implement evidence-based practice when these events occur so infrequently. This is especially challenging for nurses who are new to obstetric care and have little,

  • Obstetric Ethics In Nursing Case Study

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    The patient is a 35-year old woman in her first pregnancy. She was very committed to a natural delivery for her daughter. The fetus’s sex had been identified on ultrasound examination and provided to the patient at her request. At 36 weeks gestation, the patient was diagnosed by ultrasound examination by her primary obstetrician to have complete Placenta Previa. The primary obstetrician referred the patient to Dr. de Beau for evaluation. When the patient when presented in labor, ultrasound examination

  • Reflection Paper On Obstetrics

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    Description Today I was placed to do my clinical on the obstetrics ward at the General Hospital. Even though my preceptor did not assign me to any patient on the ward, I took the initiative to take care of K.J. A 19-year-old patient who was currently 40 weeks plus 5 days, she was in her first stage of labor at latent phase, which means her cervix was only 3 cm dilated. Additionally, besides taking care of K.J I got the opportunity to bathe a baby and experience procedures such as expression

  • Maternal Near Miss Case Study

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    Abstract Introduction: Maternal near misses are one of the quality indicators of obstetric care beside maternal deaths. According to United Nations Fund for Population Activity report in 2011, for each maternal death 20 others suffer due to maternal near misses in the world. Objective: The study was aimed to assess the prevalence of maternal near misses and associated factors in Amhara Regional State Referral Hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia. Methods: An Institution based cross sectional study was conducted

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vaginal Birth

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    Vaginal Birth and C-Section: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Effects The expectations that pregnant women form about the birth process directly influence how they experience during birth (Hartfield, 2010). Previous experiences during birth underpin the expectations women have of their subsequent experiences. For example, women that have had negative experiences with vaginal birth often speak positively about caesarian section. The expectations about birth that women form can either be positive or

  • Postnatal Depression Case Study

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    distinguishing the help-seeking behaviors of Hong Kong Chinese women determined to have postpartum despondency in a qualitative method was achieved. Methods. A purposive sample of thirty-five women diagnosed with postnatal depression was referred by the Obstetrics Unit during their postnatal check-up was enlisted from one of postnatal depression clinics in a local Hong Kong hospital. Participation was interviewed by a qualified psychiatric nurse. Semi-structured conversations date was collected. Each interview

  • Village Midwife Case Study

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    A village midwife program was initiated in Indonesia in response to maternal mortality of over 400 per 100,000 live births in 1989. The program’s primary goal was to expand safe motherhood among poor and hard-to-reach populations and to improve accessibility and use of family planning service. The village midwives’ duties were to provide antenatal care (ANC), family planning, and nutrition counseling and to manage normal deliveries. Indonesian Ministry of Health trained and posted 54,000 midwives

  • Essay On Antenatal Care

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    In rural areas, a woman with an obstetric emergency may find the closet facility equipped only for basic treatments and resources, and she may have no way to reach a regional center where those resources exist. Even when the woman has made her way to the clinic, she will have to wait long

  • Essay On Birth Preparedness

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    complications are the leading causes of mortality, morbidity and disability among reproductive aged women of developing nations than any other health problem [1-2] Maternal morbidity and mortality can be prevented and minimized by the recognition of obstetrics danger signs by the mother and her families and seek to health care

  • Teenage Pregnancy Issues

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    Adolescent pregnancy, which is detrimental to the health of mother and child, is a common public health problem worldwide. It is one of the key issues concerning reproductive health of women not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. There is growing awareness that early child bearing has multiple consequences in terms of maternal health , child health and over all well-being of the society.The purpose of the article is

  • Three Delay Model

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    facility, and delay in receiving adequate care and treatment at the facility are the main contributing factor to maternal death (McCarthy & Maine; Thaddeus & Maine 1994). The framework focuses on factors that look into the interval “between onset of obstetric complications and its outcome.” It stresses that “normal” home births are taken out of this equation and delays occur in response to change delivery setting in times of emergencies;

  • Recto Perineal Fistula Case Study

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    Recto perineal fistula: The operation to repair this defect is performed at birth in order to avoid cosmetic, psychological and potential obstetric consequences in the future. This operation is done before the baby leaves the hospital during the newborn period. The patient is placed in prone position with the pelvis elevated. Multiple 6/0 silk stitches are placed around the fistula site. The incision is about 1.5–2 cm long and divides the entire sphincter mechanism in the posterior midline. The

  • Explain The Role In Supporting A Baby And Parent.

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    There are a number of roles involved in supporting both the baby and parent(s). From the minute parent(s) find out they are having a baby, health professionals become involved. These include: Midwife – The main provider of care for a pregnant woman is a midwife. Midwives are well qualified and skilled to ensure full support is given throughout pregnancy and during birth. Obstetrician – A doctor who specialises in pregnancy and birth. Obstetricians can be heavily involved if there are issues during

  • Obstetric Anesthesia Case Study

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    Obstetric anesthesia is a challenge in these patients because of complex spinal defects and could make regional anesthesia difficult but not absolutely contraindicated. A spina bifida cystica patient with a lesion above T11 is unlikely to experience labor pain. However there is a potential risk of autonomic hyper reflexia in patients with thoracic lesions (T5–T8) and prophylaxis should be provided. There is an increased risk of accidental dural puncture as well as failed block and excessive cranial

  • Essay On Ultrasound

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    ‘Keepsake’ Ultrasounds and Ultrasound Parties Ultrasound imaging is the most common use during a woman’s pregnancy. It’s a non-ionizing radiation transmitted frequency waves that travels through the ultrasound machine to a woman’s stomach by using a transducer probe to capture 2-D images of baby fetus and other body parts. This is done by a Sonography Diagnostic Technologist ordered by the women’s OBGYN in their doctor visits. OBGYN want to make sure that the baby inside the womb is healthy and checks

  • Placenta Previa Case Study

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    operative infections, ARDS, pulmonary embolism and maternal mortality. Different studies have quoted different incidence rates of complications associated with PP. Thorkild et al23Reports that increasing liberal use of caesarean section in modern obstetric practice adds to increasing maternal morbidity and also the incidence of placenta previa. He states that incidence of placenta previa is 5 times higher in patients with history of previous LSCSand patients with placenta previa had 6% risk of having

  • Breastfeeding Speech

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    What can cause pain while I'm breastfeeding? You may feel short pain in your breasts while your milk lets down. The disappointment reflex, additionally known as the milk ejection reflex, is about off by the endocrine hormone oxytocin. It stimulates the muscle cells in your breasts to squeeze out milk. Oxytocin is free whenever your baby feeds at first few days after his birth. On Later, simply wondering feeding your baby may trigger this hormone liberation. You can even realize that your breasts

  • Bakri Balloon Essay

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    device should be utilized more often when treatment with uterotonics hasn’t adequately resolved bleeding. In 1992, Dr Younes Bakri introduced intrauterine balloon tamponade for the treatment of obstetric hemorrhage during cesarean delivery (1-4). Both the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) have approved the balloon as one of the primary support measures in treating PPH (3, 5). A number of recent reports have described

  • Fetus Surgeries Case Study

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    In order to improve the minimal access fetal surgery technique the following requirements should be met: existing pediatric and obstetric endoscopic techniques need to be modified, novel fetoscopic instruments should be developed, and also it is necessary to use a multidisciplinary team approach. Several obstacles were met during the development of the technique. The issue of poor

  • Oedema Case Study

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    INTRODUCTION Acute pulmonary oedema is a rare, but life-threatening problem which may cause significant morbidity and mortality in pregnant women. It may occur due to pathologies such as pre-eclampsia, sepsis, amniotic fluid embolism, fluid-overload or beta-adrenergic tocolytic drugs during the antenatal, intrapartum or postpartum periods. Moreover, pre-existing cardiopulmonary diseases may worsen due to the superimposed effects of physiological changes related to pregnancy (1). Management of these