Marine Ice The Arctic Essay

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It is expected that global warming has far- reaching and long-lasting and often forest consequences for the earth last few years, global warming, and the gradual heating of the surface, the oceans and the atmosphere of the Earth. It was a topic of debate in the scientific community. Currently, almost all researchers is that global warming is real and is caused by human activity, primarily fuel consumption pimping carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Evidence off global warming are the rising temperatures worldwide temperature by increasing their planet 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit extreme weather is one of the many effects of global warming meanwhile is experienced in some summers hotter there. In most of the United States global warming has been experiment colder than the winters spent in change in climate can cause colder the …show more content…

In area of cover snow across the United States has declined faster way once of many most dramatic effects of global warming is the reduction of the marine ice the arctic in 20112 some scientific observed much smallest amount layer arctic ice that has seen the biggest project that analyzes the questions of the years the arctic c sea was completely ice free in the summer months melts polar ice in the arctic and also in the Antarctica in group the fusion of some of the ice and glaciers in north America, south America, Asia and Europe greatest hits expected increase sea levels and we humans are the primary culprits of global warming report released in September 27, 2013 some climate scientists said that 95% of humans are to blame warming of the oceans and the rapid melting of ice and sea level rise and changes an seen from decade of

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