Research Paper On Wind Energy

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Wind Energy

How much electricity does a wind turbine generate? An average wind turbine is able to generate 6 million kWh per year, which is about 1500 households. (Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), n.d.) Wind energy is a type of energy that’s able to cause a positive change towards the climate change situation that’s currently happening since it doesn 't create CO2. Climate change is when the climate pattern of Earth is changing due to the increasing amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases and greenhouse effect. Climate change is one of the greatest issue that we’re facing right now. If we don’t do something to smooth it and just leave it as the way it is, then we’ll have to face the fact of the rising seas, higher temperatures, …show more content…

Wind energy is a form of renewable energy, which means that it’ll never run out. (Solar Schools, n.d.) Wind energy is a free resource, and the price will get cheaper as time goes. Since it’s a renewable energy, we’ll always be able to generate electricity as long as the sun shines and there’s wind blowing. (CFF, n.d.) “Renewable power creates jobs and generates revenue for local communities.” (Clean Line Energy Power, n.d.) The renewable power generates revenue for communities, which means that the revenues from it may allow local economies that needs new roads, schools, etc. Energies we use a lot nowadays such as fossil fuel and nuclear energy are both nonrenewable energy, which produces a huge amount of waste. For nuclear energy, once it’s all extracted, then the nuclear plant will be out of use. (CFF, n.d.) Also, over 50% of the energy that are produced by gas and coal turns gets lost throughout the process, which turns into waste. (NZ Wind Energy Association, n.d.) Due to all those waste that nonrenewable energy creates, the number one cost-effective source of the new generation is wind power. Other than that, numerous countries had set high targets for the amount of renewable energy that they’ll achieve by 2020 and the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) mentioned that the wind power will help the government a lot while they’re trying to reach their …show more content…

The threat to wildlife had always been one of the greatest con of using wind turbines. (CFF, n.d.) In the United States, a minimum of 1000 birds had been killed each year because of the wind turbines. There might not be a perfect way to prevent this cause, but according to the American Wind Energy Association, they considered that every 10,000 birds got killed because of human activities, around 700 each by vehicles and pesticides, and around 5500 deaths caused by the buildings. (Morris, 2010) Other researchers believes that around 976 million birds had been killed due to the collisions of buildings. (Maehlum, 2015) All those factors caused way more deaths than how much wind turbines had caused. The noises produced by the wind turbines are one of the disadvantages as well. Many people complain about the noise that a wind turbine can make, but the truth said by the AWEA is the sound that wind turbines produces are way more quieter than some modern day equipment. (Morris, 2010) Wind turbines may seem to be noisy, but the actual noise you’ll be able to won’t be loud as what you

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