Compare And Contrast Solar And Solar Energy

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wind energy and solar energy are both renewable types of energy they create no pollution and are fully sustainable as they are both powered by natural sources and if there is no wind one day the solar panels can generate energy and if it 's cloudy another day the windmills can generate energy also the energy created during the summer can be sold to the grid for extra capital that can be used for field trips, renovations, etc. Geothermal heating systems are rated the most efficient and eco-friendly heating systems. The system works using buried coils that contain a liquid, typically a mix of water and antifreeze. The liquid is warmed to the same temperature as the earth and then runs through to the home where a compressor extracts the heat but not only that geothermal heating requires no fossil fuels so it is very eco-friendly LED lighting is an efficient and eco friendly lighting alternative because they waste much less energy in converting to light compare to incandescent lights which waste 90% of the energy to convert to heat not only that LED lights last up to 15-25 times longer that traditional light bulbs this makes LED a much better source of lights than others because it wastes less energy and it is more efficient at doing its job this is so much better for the environment because it uses less energy that other lighting sources We need this in our Eco-School because plugged in appliances that are turned off still uses energy and this is a complete waste of energy and

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