Pros And Cons Of Alternative Energy Sources

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Should we pursue alternate energy sources? I feel that we should pursue alternate energy sources. It would stop pollution and global warming from happening so sudden, as we have it currently in our generation. Using renewable energy means that we will never run out of the energy we need. Almost none of the fuel sources that we could use provide Co2 or other pollutants. Economic values could also come from renewable energy. Most of the Energy projects are located away from big cities. These benefits could bring local service as well as tourism. Although the pros are very big there are some cons. Non- fossil fuel energy has a lot of trouble producing the amount that fossil fuels can produce. This means we need to cut down on the amount of energy we use or just build a lot more production facilities. Another downside is that renewable energy relies on weather 90 percent of the time. If there isn 't rain to fill the dam the Hydro generators can 't run. If there isn 't wind for the wind turbines it wont go. If its a cloudy day you can’t use solar power to heat up to make energy. As you can see its very inconsistent and unpredictable. It also takes more money to build these places non-fossil fuel plants rather than the traditional ones. What are some of the energy sources we use today The typical energy that a normal residents uses is electricity and natural gas. Heating oil and propane are also used a lot, but primarily by Northeastern U.S states that need heating

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