Here Comes The Sun Analysis: Hydraulic Fracking

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Ali Elkanuni
November 24, 2015
Here Comes the Sun Analysis
Hydraulic Fracturing, also known as fracking, is the process in which companies use in order to extract natural gasses. High-pressure fluid is injected into rocks deep underground so that it fractures shale rocks to release natural gas inside. This natural gas is used for energy, gas and oil. There has been a controversy about fracking since it was introduced about 60 years ago. Although it was a great technological advancement, it has raised both health and environmental concerns in the areas fracking is occurring. In the past, wind and solar power was just too expensive to create renewable energy compared to the energy created by fracking. Now that solar panels
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I believe Krugman did a great job in representing an important issue and backing up his claims. I do think he could have used more sources and quotes to back up certain points; however, he still presented factual information. I agree that solar and wind power would be an ideal alternative to current practices. Now that it is more cost-effective, government figures should be stepping in since there is physical evidence that fracking is detrimental to the health of humans and this planet. The info graphic in "What Goes In & Out of Hydraulic Fracking," presented some important statistics that supported Krugman’s logic in his article. Not only are they using 1-8 million gallons of water for each fracking job, but the water is mixed with approximately 40,000 gallons of chemicals are used per fracturing and 600 of these chemicals are carcinogenic and toxins. Only 30-50% of fracturing fluid is recovered, and the rest of these non-biodegradable toxins are left in the…show more content…
I truly believe we should be protecting it as much as we can. According to Goodine (2011) in her article “Fracking Controversy,” Krugman was right that companies don’t have to disclose the chemicals used for fracking. This is wrong. Taxpayers’ money also shouldn’t be going to the repairs due to this practice. It seems the pros of renewable energy outweigh those of natural gases. Many environmentalists and experts have shower research that supports most of Krugman’s claims. I appreciate that this author furthered the understanding more by applying Moore’s law to this issue. He says progress in solar panels has been so dramatic that Moore’s law – in which the price of computing power falls roughly 50 percent every 8 months – can be applied to solar energy. He also used the failure of the solar company, Solyndra’s, as an example to support his claims. This failure was caused by technological success because this company could not keep up with the lowering costs of solar

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