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  • Essay On Petroleum

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    Petroleum Name: Sumaya Ismail Ali ID: K-715810110 Name: Marwa Mohamed Elneel ID: K-215810001 Dr: Kauser Fatima Environmental issues What it is ? Petroleum or Crude oil: is thick liquid, flammable, and it has several of color, found under the ground. Petroleum is one of the fossil fuel with Coal and natural gas. And it came from remnant of dead ancient marine organisms buried under many ground layers over million years and high pressure and temperature convert to petroleum. The

  • Being A Petroleum Engineer

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    This report will talk about being a petroleum engineer. Petroleum Engineering is the topic that will be talked about for this career report. The next paragraphs will talk about how it is to work in that job. It will also talk about how this job pays and the education required being in this job. This paper will also talk more about some of the things that this job has. I Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering concerned with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbons, which

  • Petroleum Industry Analysis

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    highest in the world. Petroleum has a very large impact on modern society and the world as a whole so being able to understand the petroleum market is vital to the worlds and a countries economy. As industries have such a high reliance on petroleum prices for things such as the transportation and production of goods and services, sharp increases and decreases of the prices of petroleum could have a dramatic effect on these industries. A sudden increase in the price of petroleum could cause an economy

  • Whiting Petroleum Case Study

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    Whiting Petroleum As of late, dozens of oil and gas related stocks had a mini rally in the stock market due to slight increase in the oil & gas prices and on the back of a better outlook for recovery which is discussed latter on in this article. However, couple of such stocks that gained significantly in the past one month are Pioneer Natural Resources (NYSE: PXD), Continental Resources (NYSE: CLR), Rice Energy Inc (NYSE:RICE) and EP Energy Corp (NYSE: EPE). Hence, Whiting Petroleum (NYSE: WLL) is

  • British Petroleum Case Study

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    1. BACKGROUND OF BRITISH PETROLEUM (BP) Formerly known as British Petroleum, BP is one of the world’s major energy, petroleum and gasoline company in its industry. Founded in 1909, it was originally known as The Anglo-Persian Oil Company. Prior to the company’s emergence was the discovery of oil in the south-west of Iran, which was led by Australian-British mining entrepreneur William Knox D’Arcy and supported by a Scottish company called Burmah Oil Company. This successful oil exploration was

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Petroleum Engineering

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    Petroleum Engineering Outline Introduction • Engineering is the study of how things around the world work, with the help of the application of scientific and mathematical principles. • It is divided into large number of branches that deals with earth up to aerospace. These branches vary but all aim in having a great impact in everyone’s life. • Engineers aim to build a safe and easy environment to all individuals. • Petroleum engineering aims in the manufacturing of crude oil and natural gas

  • Social Responsibility Of British Petroleum

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    All oil companies should be responsible for this problem because oil reserves are limited. Research setting Current research will be undertaken within an oil company – British Petroleum. According to market capitalisation, British Petroleum is one of the largest oil companies in the world. It was founded in 1909 in London. The core activity of the company is prospect, extraction, refining and oil production. Other important businesses are distribution and

  • Crude Oil Research Paper

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    1 PETROLEUM Petroleum is a mixture of gaseous, liquid and solid hydrocarbon that occurs naturally beneath the earth's surface (Awake, 2003). Petroleum is composed of hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon) and may exists as crude oil, natural gas or condensates. Crude oil is a naturally occurring, free flowing liquid mainly hydrocarbons with its specific gravity between 1.00 and 0.80. The major elements of crude oil are carbon (83-87%) and hydrogen (10-14%) and minor elements, nitrogen (s density

  • British Petroleum Executive Summary

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    Summary This assignment analyzes the employment relation practices of a large employer and a small private sector firm. The organizations that have been selected for this particular assignment include British Petroleum and SolutionsPT Ltd. The approaches that are used by British Petroleum in order to manage employee relations shows that management of the company gives particular importance to its human resources because the senior management of the company has a perception that satisfaction of employees

  • John D. Rockefeller: Richest Person In History

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    Chapter 8 Research Report on John D. Rockefeller John D. Rockefeller was the richest person in history, even beating Bill Gates. He was a giver, and donated over five hundred million dollars throughout his lifetime. However, not only was he a rich and successful man, but he also made a big impact on the US during his time. During the 1800s, John D. Rockefeller developed the US through three different ways. These three ways were his Standard Oil Company, his business techniques, and his career in

  • The Pros And Cons Of Biodiesel

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    natural, alternative fuel source to be available for using in most of cases as similar as petrol or more specifically, “diesel distilled from petroleum”. Biodiesel is much safer than diesel from petroleum when biodiesel is escaped to the surrounding environment; moreover, it is much less inflammable as biodiesel’s flashpoint is 130°C as compared to petroleum diesel which is only 52°C. As a result, biodiesel is low-risk to be stored, kept, and delivered (U.S Department of Energy). Trans-esterification

  • Fossil Fuels: Natural Resources

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    com/group/en/home/solutions/industries/power_plant/pages/power.aspx There are different types of fossil fuels. Base on Origin Energy, there are five main kinds of fossil fuels. The five main types are coal, petroleum, oil, liquefied petroleum gas, and natural gas.

  • Oil Industry In Texas

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    when the Lucas No. 1 well blew in at thte Spindletop near Beaumont, a hill which was formed by a giant underground dome of salt in southeastern Texas. With that dramatic event, Texas ' economy was changed from its rural, agricultural roots into the petroleum and industrial age. The discovery at the Spindletop fueled a revolution in transportation and transformed Texas into an industrial giant like never before. Beaumont almost instantly became a boomtown with investors from around the states and the

  • Electric Cars: Automotive Craze?

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    Once the demand for petroleum go down the war for fossil fuels might die out. The problem with that is what batteries in electric cars are made of, lithium. Lithium is not as scarce as petroleum but if all cars need them the supply would go down and some of the only places to extract large amounts of lithium are China and Afghanistan (Braun, World). This leaves

  • Cetane Number Fuels Lab Report

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    Cetane Number The cetane number of a diesel fuel is the numerical result of engine test designed to evaluate fuel ignition delay. It is defined as the whole number nearest to the value determined by calculation from percentage by volume of normal cetane (cetane No. = 100) in a blend with heptamethylnonane (cetane No. = 15) which matches the ignition quality of the test fuel when compared by this method. High cetane number fuels generally cause lower combustion noise, improved control of combustion

  • Saudi Arabia Research Paper

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    these are the reasons why. To start, Saudi Arabia’s success as major power in the Middle East is greatly contributed to their economical wealth. The number one factor to that contributes to Saudi Arabia’s wealth is Petroleum export. Nations with economies based on petroleum have a shelf life in being a successful nation. Saudi Arabia has realized this, and created a program call Vision 2030.

  • The Importance Of Oil Spills

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    tend to be very harmful because of the sheer volume of oil released at once, and they pose a serious threat to marine animals and seabirds. Such disasters frequently bring attention to issues with safe oil handling, which can lead to reforms in petroleum regulation. Oil spills in the water can also be caused by natural seepage. As tectonic plates shift, oil can be released from reserves trapped deep beneath the ocean floor. Natural seepage is sometimes accelerated

  • The Electric Car: Advantages And Cons Of Electric Cars

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    petrole-um based car is dependent on its engine and fuel. The battery is, of course, what leads to the bene-fits of the electric car, like the fact that the car itself emits no CO2. But it also has some drawbacks when compared to a petroleum based car. Refuelling a petroleum based car is a simple process, simply pour petrol into the tank, it takes about ten minutes and then one can drive on. An electric car on the other hand needs to have its battery recharged with electricity, and as anyone who has

  • Saudi Arabia Geography

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    Introduction Saudi Arabia is a resourceful country. Saudi Arabia is a country in the Middle East bordering the Persian Gulf and Red Sea. Extensive coastlines provide leverage on shipping, especially crude oil, through the Persian Gulf and Suez Canal. Neighboring countries include Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. The geography of Saudi Arabia is primarily desert with rugged mountains in the southwest. The government system is a monarchy. The chief of state and

  • Essay On Oxygenated Compounds

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    Oxygenated compounds Oxygenated fuel is a compound that has a chemical compound containing oxygen. It helps to burn fuel more efficiently so reduces some type of atmospheric pollution. It reduces carbon mono oxide emission and smog formation. Oxygenated fuel allows fuel in vehicles to burn more efficiently because more of fuel is burning so there are fewer chemical pollutants released. Oxygenated fuel also help to cut down renewable fossil fuel consumption. . Requirements of good oxygenated properties-