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  • Disadvantages Of Petroleum

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    Petroleum Name: Sumaya Ismail Ali ID: K-715810110 Name: Marwa Mohamed Elneel ID: K-215810001 Dr: Kauser Fatima Environmental issues What it is ? Petroleum or Crude oil: is thick liquid, flammable, and it has several of color, found under the ground. Petroleum is one of the fossil fuel with Coal and natural gas. And it came from remnant of dead ancient marine organisms buried under many ground layers over million years and high pressure and temperature convert to petroleum. The

  • Being A Petroleum Engineer

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    This report will talk about being a petroleum engineer. Petroleum Engineering is the topic that will be talked about for this career report. The next paragraphs will talk about how it is to work in that job. It will also talk about how this job pays and the education required being in this job. This paper will also talk more about some of the things that this job has. I Petroleum engineering is a field of engineering concerned with the activities related to the production of hydrocarbons, which

  • Petroleum Lab Report

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    1 PETROLEUM Petroleum is a mixture of gaseous, liquid and solid hydrocarbon that occurs naturally beneath the earth's surface (Awake, 2003). Petroleum is composed of hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon) and may exists as crude oil, natural gas or condensates. Crude oil is a naturally occurring, free flowing liquid mainly hydrocarbons with its specific gravity between 1.00 and 0.80. The major elements of crude oil are carbon (83-87%) and hydrogen (10-14%) and minor elements, nitrogen (s density

  • Essay On Petroleum Engineer

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    What they do: Petroleum engineer are engineers that find new ways to get or obtain oil and gas from deposits below the surface but in a profitable way. There are different types of petroleum engineers one is a drilling engineer that determines how the drilling is done the coast and if it’s safe to the environment and people, completions engineer deals with finish building the wells so that they can get the oil and gas, production engineers monitor the wells’ oils and gas to see if enough is being

  • Petroleum Engineering Purpose

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    me to choose Engineering as my profession. In this regard, I would like to describe my educational qualification and career objectives which motivated me to pursue a career in Petroleum Industry. My undergraduate studies has provided me a thorough exposure to various specialties of Chemical Engineering subjects like Petroleum Refining, Chemical Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Technology, Transport Phenomenon, Instrumentation And Process Control, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Waste Water

  • Petroleum Product Pricing Analysis

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    The Petroleum Product Pricing Act and Regulation provides the legal framework for the setting of prices of petroleum, wherever this act is applied. In the Federal Government’s quality of being determined to achieve its aim and objectives to regulated the supply and distribution of petroleum products among others, National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria enacted the Petroleum Pricing Regulatory Agency Act 2003 referred to as ‘The PPPRA Act’ or ‘Act No. 8 of 2003’ The PPPRA Act established

  • Hibiscus Petroleum Case Study

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    In Malaysia, Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad is the first listed independent oil and gas exploration and production. It listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 25 July 2011 as the first Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) in South-East Asia. Hibiscus Petroleum became a full-fledged oil and gas exploration and production company after the completion of the acquisition of a 35% stake in Lime Petroleum Plc. Their key activities are focused on monetising the oil producing fields

  • Pollution Of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Pollution

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    Petroleum hydrocarbon pollution as a great environment concern : Hydrocarbon contamination in the environment related to anthropogenic sources could be from petroleum, pesticides or any toxic organic matter. The most serious problem of hydrocarbons contamination that derived from petroleum because it has a great toxic effect to the surrounding environment of all systems of life. The term of petroleum hydrocarbon is defined as a complex mixture composed of many hydrocarbon deposits which is naturally

  • Petroleum Balance Method

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    Abstract Hydrocarbon reserves estimation is important in the petroleum industry because it is the basis for which many decisions are made. There are several methods traditionally used to estimate reserves but in 1995 Mattar and McNeil introduced a new procedure called the Flowing Gas Material Balance (FGMB). The FGMB is considered a convenient method because it uses data that is already obtained and quantifies the gas in place without having to shut-in the well and interrupt production. This paper

  • Chemical Engineering In The Petroleum Industry

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    This report discloses the role of a professional chemical engineer in the petroleum industry. Engineers have to work in many disciplines, varying from role to role such as designing to commissioning. Engineers have played a vital role in advancement of science and technology. From making first watch to nuclear advancements, all are the hard work of an engineer. To be successful in the field of engineering, one must have certain qualities. Chemical engineers use applied rules and principles of

  • Petroleum Resources Management System

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    What is a Petroleum Resource Management System (PRMS)? The petroleum resource management system is a document collaboratively written by some of the most influential organizations in the petroleum industry such as WPC, SPE, SPEE and AAPG. This document is used as a standard reference to guide companies in the classification of resources in the oil and gas industry. The petroleum resources management system (PRMS) provides a consistent approach to estimating petroleum quantities, evaluating development

  • Bharat Petroleum Case Study

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    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is a Fortune 500, Navratna Oil Marketing Public Sector Undertaking. I have been associated with BPCL for the last 8 years and have served in the front end positions as Area Manager (Industrial Products) in different parts of the country. We shall start with a brief overview of the history of Petroleum both in the International and Indian context, we shall trace the origin of Bharat Petroleum in its earlier avatar as Burma Shell, we shall discuss the Nationalization

  • British Petroleum Assignment

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    ASSIGNMENT 1 UNIT 7 – BUSINESS OPERATION IN ENGINEERING TASK 1 British Petroleum: British Petroleum (BP), formerly known as The Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) was founded in 1908, when British geologists discovered oil in Masjid-i- Suleiman, in the Khuzestan Province in Iran. BP is involved in the chemical engineering industry in both the primary and tertiary sectors of business. The primary sector of the economy is the sector making direct use of natural resources including, agriculture, forestry

  • Swot Analysis In Petroleum Industry

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    resources to get where they are needed, we need more pipelines-the safest way to move fuel. This shows that in coming years big opportunities can be seen for petroleum pipeline transportation industry. 2. Increase Safety -Opportunity to increase safety of pipeline by monitoring DAS technology. 3. Income Increase Rate – The income in the petroleum transportation industry is increasingly constantly due to the growing operations of E&P in O&G Sector therefore the need to transport the crude oil is also

  • Whiting Petroleum Case Study

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    Whiting Petroleum As of late, dozens of oil and gas related stocks had a mini rally in the stock market due to slight increase in the oil & gas prices and on the back of a better outlook for recovery which is discussed latter on in this article. However, couple of such stocks that gained significantly in the past one month are Pioneer Natural Resources (NYSE: PXD), Continental Resources (NYSE: CLR), Rice Energy Inc (NYSE:RICE) and EP Energy Corp (NYSE: EPE). Hence, Whiting Petroleum (NYSE: WLL) is

  • Petroleum Product Structure

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    DESIGN CONSTRUCTION AND TESTING OF A PETROLEUM PRODUCT STORAGE TANK 10 MILLION LITRE CAPACITY AGHO N., MAILABARI SK., OMORODION IH Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Benin ABSTRACT Tanks are generally used for storage and find wide range of applications in different fields both domestically and industrially. Nigeria as a major oil producer in Africa has need for maximum capacity tanks for the storage of crude and other petroleum products. These thanks are mostly made from steel

  • The Pros And Cons Of Petroleum Effluents

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    Petroleum refinery effluents (PRE) are wastes originating from industries engaged in refining crude oil and manufacturing lubricants, fuels and petrochemical intermediates. The effluents are composed of oil and grease along with many other toxic organic compounds and are a major source of aquatic environmental pollution. PRE can vary greatly depending on the plant configuration, the type of oil being processed, and operation procedures (Saien J. and Nejati H., 2007). The exact composition cannot

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons Case Study

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    The worldwide consumption of petroleum hydrocarbons yearly was evaluated around 1012 US gallons (Prince, 1993). A greater percentage of this oil is transported via water and unavoidably oil spills from pipelines and tankers. Some amount of these over flown crude oil or cleaning of storage tanks gradually form tar balls and pollute the beaches. The smaller tar balls often accumulate to form the bigger ones. Organic and inorganic particles are entrapped within the tar balls due to the action of wind

  • Scale Formation In Petroleum Industry

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    The scale deposition may occur in oil well or reservoir in petroleum industry. The briefly review on scan formation and deposition in petroleum industry have been provided below: Scale formation in reservoir: Scale formation is a common issue in oil and gas industry and it usually occurs during water flooding processes. When the injected water is not compatible with the formation water, scale formation would occur. For example, seawaters are usually rich in anions such as sulfate and carbonate while

  • Petroleum Engineering Lab Report

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    PCB 2033 Drilling Engineering Sept 2014 Group Project Petroleum Engineering Submitted by: Name ID Aqil Bin Muhammad Yusof 18161 Chew Siang Zhi 17970 Lim Zi Bing 18043 Ling Zong Hin 18454 Gan Zhe Jun 18576 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Objectives To decide the most suitable type of drill rig to be set up in a specified location (Gulf of Mexico) To illustrate the rig design with the given dimensions To calculate the technical specifications of the drill rig and the drill string 1.2 Learning