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  • Pros And Cons Of Natural Gas Vehicles

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    using natural gas for thousands of years, in fact, the Chinese are believed to have used it as early as 500 B.C. to boil and purify water. According to Paykani (2013), natural gas was used to fuel streetlights as early as 1785, and was the primary source of light during the 19th century. The invention of the electric light bulb in 1879 then forced natural gas companies to find other uses for the resource, and as a result, natural gas has become a very popular source of energy. Natural Gas vehicles

  • Natural Gas Importance

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    of all energy sources. The natural gas in its pure form is colorless, odorless and without shape. Natural gas is exists in deep underground rock formations or related with further hydrocarbon reservoirs. Principal characteristic of natural gas is that it is inflammability and when burned emit large quantities of energy with fewer emissions. Compared to others conventional fuels the natural gas has cleaner combustion and leaves on combustion less harmful gases. Natural gas is used widely for the production

  • Compressed Natural Gas Advantages And Disadvantages

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    almost one third to half the cost of gasoline/diesel based on an Energy-Equivalent measure. Furthermore, natural gas combustion delivers twenty percent (20%) lower carbon emissions and about twenty five percent (25%) reduction in greenhouse gases. ( Before the introduction of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a fuel, and CNG engines, there were steam and coal engines, which then evolved into today’s Gasoline

  • The Pros And Cons Of Natural Gas

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    Natural gas is primarily composed of methane; the main products of combustion of natural gas are carbon dioxide and water vapor; same compounds that are exchaled when breathing. Coal and oil are composed of much more complex molecules with higher carbon ratio and higher nitrogen and sulfur contenents. When combusted, coal and oil release a higher level of harmful emissions that are dangerous to the environment. Coal and fuel oil release ash particles on the environment that are substance that do

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Natural Gas

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    Natural gases are flammable gases that consist mostly of methane and other hydrocarbons. There are two basic types of natural gases, the first being dry and the second being wet. They occur naturally underground through the process of decomposition, erosion, and etc. In the world there are many different types of natural gases. For example, petroleum, propane, and hydrogen are common natural gases. Natural gas is one of the most plentiful nonrenewable resources on Earth and is a great alternative

  • Persuasive Essay On Fracking

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    fractures in rocks to force them open in an attempt to release oil and natural gas. Many people fear that it is damaging to do this and that it will not take long for humans to see the consequences of fracking. But others support fracking and believe that it will help us and that it we should prioritize fracking. Despite the opinions from both sides, the question still stands, should fracking be used to release oil and natural gas?One of the main reasons people want fracking to stop is because it releases

  • Petrochina Case Study

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    in competition with developed countries to control the world of commodities, especially in oil and gas sector. The industrial company China's oil and natural gas that play an important role in to supply country's national energy needs such as CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation), CNOOC, Sinopec, and PetroChina (Yudono,

  • Energy In The World Essay

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    these events, the economic growth is likely to improve the human development. Other services such as electricity, natural gas, and mechanical power are considered to develop the health and education sectors (Martínez and Ebenhack). Due to the improvement of these industries, there will be efficient access to information resulting in human

  • Acid Rain Causes In Nigeria

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    Gas flaring refers to the burning of associated gas with crude oil during production from the reservoir. Associated gas is generally regarded as an undesirable by- product, which is either re-injected, flared, or vented. Natural gas flaring is regarded one of the cheapest means [12] of disposing the associated gas. In Nigeria, [12] when oil companies began production in the 1960’s, the most affordable and economic way to separate the crude oil from the associated gas was to flare the gas. Nigeria

  • Essay On Chemical Absorption Technology

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    example of application of chemical absorption technology is in the natural gas purification plant whereby this method is used to remove contaminates carbon dioxide found in the gas feed by the action of exothermic reaction of the solvent with gases (Shimekit & Mukhtar, 2012). It is necessary to removed carbon dioxide as much as possible as it lowers the energy content of natural gas which indirectly affect the selling price of natural gas as well as causes damage to the pipeline and equipment in plant

  • Takagi Tankless Water Heater Case Study

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    great inventions and innovations when it comes to on demand hot water heaters. Among many great innovations Takagi developed the very first fully computerized controlled tankless gas water heater, a revolutionary automatic gas control valve system and safety system for its tankless hot water heaters, the T-M1 (multi gas water heater system), and many great tankless water heater models such as: T-K1, T-K2, TKD-20, T-KJr, T-K1S, T-H1, TK3, T-M119, TK-3-OS, T-M50, T-M32, T-K-3-Pro, T-H2, etc. Takagi

  • Petrochemical Industry In Algeria Case Study

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    Indeed, its natural wealth in oil, natural gas and other mineral resources. The energy sector is most important element of the development of the petrochemical industry and Algeria can gain the competitive advantage from low cost of feedback such as the Middle East countries from the Algeria is the vital natural gas producer in Africa, the second-largest natural gas supplier to Europe outside of the region, and is among the top three oil

  • Disadvantages Of Coal Essay

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    ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF BOTH COAL BASED GENERATION AND NATURAL GAS COMBINED CYCLE GENERATION The economic growth of a country depends on its ability to setup a highly suitable and reliable electricity sector. Electricity is generated in base-load plants in accordance with demand and transported over long distances to reach the consumer at the required voltages. Today the fossil fuel options are natural gas and coal and the technology options are coal fired conventional plants, coal fired

  • Fuel Energy Advantages

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    to laws which will require them to pay carbon tax, capture their CO2 emission or restrict them from the amount of carbon they may emit. Below, three types of fuel cells and their designs will be discussed and compared. 1) Natural Gas Combined-Cycle Plants (NGCCP) Natural gas fired power plants produce less CO2 than the fossil fuels, but the emission still contributes to a significant amount and thus measures have to be taken to

  • Coal Gasification Research Paper

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    process for producing a mixture gas consisting mainly of methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O) -from coal and water, air and / or oxygen. This gas mixture is called synthesis gas. Earlier, coal was gasified using old technology to produce coal gas (also known as the "town gas"), which is a fuel gas used previously for municipal lighting and heating before the advent of the commercial scale production of natural gas. In current practices, instances

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biogas

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    landfills, dump sites and even farms across the country, allowing for decreased soil and water pollution.  Heat generation: In the same way as natural gas, bio gas can be used for household applications such as cooking and heating. Compared with other renewable heat sources biogas is one of the more costly fuels, however, it offers to operate an existing natural gas heating system with green energy.  Reduces greenhouse effect: It does not produce any toxic gases which are responsible for green house

  • Disadvantages Of The Marcellus Shale

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    source of natural gas in the United States, and is located in Appalachian basin which stretches from Tennessee to New York and covers West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The Marcellus Shale has a lot of marine sedimentary rock because of the different sea level changes 400 million years ago that deposited minerals. It contains black shale and lighter shale mixed with limestone .It has many benefits, but it comes with disadvantage disadvantages. For humans to get access to the natural gas they

  • Gazprom Case Study Solution

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    GAZPROM Suppliers Own extraction of gas condensate in 2005 amounted to about 11 million tons (two-thirds of Russia's output). Thus, "Gazprom" independently cope with the task of supplying resources of plants for the production of the final product and not dependent on external factors relating to the supply of resources. Gazprom owns four of the plant for stabilization and processing of gas condensate included in the "Astrakhangazprom, Orenburggazprom", "Surgutgazprom" and Urengoygazprom. In order

  • Advantages Of Alternative Fuels In Brick Industry

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    Alternative fuels for brick industry Though natural gas is the most common fuel in the brick industry worldwide, especially in developed countries, however, one can’t possibly deny the significance of the alternative fuels. In the current economy, natural gas may be cheaper than most of the fossil fuels on the market, but still, its combustion has a negative impact on the environment. On the other hand, alternative fuels such as biogas, biomass and its derivative fuels, have the potential to shield

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alternative Energy Sources

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    change; 2) high cost; 3) Environmental damages and security threats of nuclear power; 4) the serious consequences caused by fossil fuel. ………………………………………………………………………………………… 2. Renewable Energy • Renewable energy is energy which is generated from natural sources i.e. sun, wind, rain, tides and can be generated again and again as when required. • It is considered the cleanest sources of energy on this planet. Renewable sources have low carbon emissions, so they are considered environment friendly.