Is Fracking Safe

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As technology grows with society, scientist find alternatives to everyday things such as oil and gas. Hydraulic Fracturing being a top producer of oil and natural gases by drilling into the ground and pumping fluids, to release resources. Fracking is one of the main source of heat and fuel but how safe is it. Can we expect to truly continue to rely on oil and natural gases? I feel that fracking isn 't safe because not only do men die from being on oil drills but fracking leads to environmental hazards and shows society isn 't has far into the future as everyone thinks. Some people believe that the environment isn 't being harmed by everyday production, but one can argue that as people move closer to fracking industries, people become exposed to harmful gases and chemicals. Fracking a destructive force, is it safe, is it reasonable, is it right? As Chris Hedges explains in his article “Death By Fracking”, he says, “There are more than 15 million Americans, many of them children, who live within a mile of a fracking site. Most are being exposed daily to a deadly brew of toxins. Because the oil and gas industry is not required under law to disclose the chemicals used in …show more content…

Although people can claim that today’s society is living in the future and that the generation will never go back to old technology or techniques, however even though technology has improved for the everyday person, what hasn 't changed is the fact that industries are still living in the past. “Domestic oil and gas production is under way, brought about by breakthrough refinements of a 1940 's technology,” as stated in Kathleen Hartnett White’s article “The Fracas About Fracking,” with this she states that fracking is an old technology that is still being used today.(Hartnett) But why haven 't we found a solution, or any alternatives then blowing up the ground for resources, so we can have new objects and have an increase in technology development. Sometimes we have to destroy to move on and be

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